Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deck Renovations

Hi everyone!!  I'm here to share some photo's of our recent backyard deck renovation!  Our deck was in horrible shape, our pool was green and hadn't been opened in 2 years (expensive to run those darn things!), and our patio furniture was rusted and gross.  So we decided that this was the year we were going to fix it all!  Here's some ugly before pictures

 These are the saddest little patio chairs the world has ever seen, all slumped over like that haha.

Rust and mildew and mold everrrrrywhere

Nasty dirty deck, nasty dirty pool

That's miss EmmaBear, she doesn't care for the filthy deck either

So how did we fix it? and not go completely broke in the process?  Well, we kept all of our old stuff and jazzed it up.  Our patio furniture was actually leftover from the previous homeowners and has never looked great so that's where we started.  First, I sanded and spray painted the ugly green furniture with brown spray paint.  They don't look brand new, they're still not perfectly smooth but it's sure better than it was before!  I also got all new patio cushions from Lowe's to make them look newer :)

You'll also notice mildew on the house in the above picture.  I got some House Cleaner and attacked that stuff! It worked really well attached to my hose, only took 45 minutes to get it all off.

The next big problem was our deck.  I sprayed that down with mildew cleaner, which only kind of worked.  Robb then stained and stained over about a week or so, due to rain.  I picked up Cabot Express Deck, which works on damp wood and that helped us out a LOT.  We also had our pool professionally opened this year because it was such a mess, completely green!  After the first 2 nights it was opened we realized that the pool had been overtaken with frogs! One night we counted 16 tree frogs in the pool- it was crazy!  Luckily they seem to have moved on :) 

To finish things up we added a patio rug, umbrella, a cute little plant stand I'm going to use for an herb garden, and a brown chest to store our pool supplies.  And that was it!  It took a lot of work but we love our new/old deck :D  Bring it on, summer!

Robb sitting back and enjoying our new outdoor space :)  Happy Father's Day handsome!


  1. You did a fantastic job on this deck renovation. What a makeover! The area looks very cozy and the pool is once again “gorgeous”! You don't have to spend a lot of money and effort to come up with something as wonderful as this. If you are truly determined to revitalize your deck, you can make it happen! Congrats again. Now, you have more reason to spend time outside your house.

    Barrett Elmore @ Nehemiah ReConstruction

  2. That was, indeed, a terrible state your deck and outdoor space have been into, but I'm pleased to hear that you finally decided to give it a new life. What's more, you accomplished the task cheaply, yet very satisfactorily. Great job you two did here! With your renewed deck, I bet summer is being a breeze to you lot. Make sure to maintain it this time. Congratulations!
    Angelina @ Archadeck Outdoor Living

  3. Oh my. I can only imagine how heavy the work must have been. Still, congratulations on doing such a great job! I think the end result looks really great. Of course, re-staining the deck and cleaning up the pool must have been a nightmare given the weather, but good job!
    Arthur Bryant


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