Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life Lately

Hi everyone! Here to share a few photos from the past few weeks.  We also got Charlie's Pseudomonas throat culture results back from his visit to the CF Center last week and were so BUMMED to hear that it was positive.  UGH.  They think the most likely explanation is that the one time he tested negative, 2 months ago, was just a fluke- an inaccurate throat culture- and he probably never really got rid of it.  Such a bummer :(  So he'll stay on bimonthly TOBI cycles (an inhaled antibiotic) for the forseeable future, I wish the darn stuff worked for him!  They tested the Pseudo in his lungs and it is NOT antibiotic resistant so I don't know why almost 10 months of antibiotic treatments haven't worked.  Oh well, at this point we'll just keep doing what we're doing and hope that it stays under control.  SO freaking frustrating though!  OH and a fun delightful sidenote: I'm a microbiologist and I work with Pseudomonas bacteria in my lab.  Smart, huh?

So in happier news...we had a great Memorial Day at the beach in Old Saybrook.  It was FREEZING down there (I sat wrapped in a towel like a homeless person) but Charlie loved it and ran around and played. 
 Heading to the beach in Charlie's favorite beach obsession: his red wagon

 Catching some waves!  haha not really, he just stood there. but it was cute damnit. 

Charlie forced me to wear this yellow hat for like 5 minutes.  Memorial Day twinsies! hehe

I also went to a fun Birthday dinner for my buddy Kim last week in Mystic, CT.  Love it there! I got seafood and some tasty beverages, yum yum (this did not help my weight loss efforts haha)

 Fellow blogger Amanda, the Birthday Girl Kim, and yours truly

At the bar with the Birthday Girl, awaiting oysters

And a few more cute snapshots from the past few weeks :)

 Robb connected Charlie's wagon to our lawnmower and drove
him around on a little tractor ride in the backyard. seriously, the kid is obsessed with wagons.

 This shirt was from his Aunt Peggy - LOVE IT! Bazinga!

Man he's freaking cute ;)

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