Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stitch Fix for Plus Size: Part Two

Hiya peoples! I'm here to share my latest Stitch Fix with you :)  I think I liked my first Stitch Fix better, but this one still had some cute things (BTW I ended up buying the sweater and the dress from that first Fix).  I think if I could loose like 10lbs everything would have fit a lot better than it did but I've been having a major lack of motivation lately.  Anyone want to be my personal drill seargant and force me to work out? Anyone?

For those who don't know- Stitch Fix is a personal styling service.  You need to get on the waitlist but once you're accepted into the program (it seems to take longer for bigger girls, probably because of limited inventory. Took me about 2 months) you can set up Stitch Fixes as often as you'd like.  Once a month, once every 3 months, etc.  Each fix costs $20 plus the cost of the items, but if you buy an item in your box that $20 fee goes towards that.  A 'Fix' usually includes 4 clothing items and 1 jewelry piece.  You fill out an online style profile and then they mail you your items based on your size and style.

If you think that's something that would be fun here is my referral code to get started:

If you sign up through that code you'll get on the waitlist plus I get a $25 credit which sure would be nice!

Anyways, I asked for some mint and coral colors this time around and either some chunky earrings or a statement necklace for the jewelry item.  Here's what I received

This mint and bird print pleated skirt.  Cute enough but it didn't fit (unless you're supposed to hike it up to your boobs in order to zip it that case, it kinda fit...).  Plus it was a little fancy for weekend wear-- I can't wear skirts or shorts to work since I work in a lab.  So that's a no to the birdies. PS: stripes probably don't match that skirt but that was shirt I was already wearing and I was too lazy to find something else.  sue me.

There was also a white tie shirt.  I personally think it's a pretty bad idea to put chubby people with fat bellies into shirts that have a wierd tie in the front, drawing attention right to that area.  I would have liked the top half but that tie thing just wasn't doing it for me.

I tried both items on together just to be sure but decided no thanks!

Next up was this wrap dress.  I love the color and I love that it's short, and the fabric is thin so it would be good for the summer.  It's not anything super unique though so I'm kind of torn on this one.  What do you think?

Also included was this polka dot button up.  Kinda cute but not for summer-- when this arrived it was 90 degrees outside and I was like "yeah right dude!".  Plus it didn't even kinda fit.  I had to triple check that the tag said XL because this shirt was tinyyyyyy (that picture is of me valiantly attempting to button it, what an arm workout).  I could have Hulk style broken out of that shirt if I had wanted to, which would have been badass but expensive at $98.

Lastly were these earrings.  These are the coral color that I asked for.  I like these, but I have a similar pair already.  I think I might get them anyways...don't want that styling fee to go to waste!

So there you have it! Stitch Fix #2, not a homerun, but cute!  What do you think? I need to purchase *today* so I'd love some input first!

ETA: See Stitch Fix #1 HERE and Stitch Fix #3 HERE


  1. You have such good humor with the tie-front shirt and denim jacket. I've read this and your first Stitch Fix review and they've been super helpful and fun to read. :)

    I am receiving my first Stitch Fix tomorrow; my biggest concern has been the fit of the clothes they send me, as I have a tough enough time with my shape: tall, broad in the shoulders and hips, lanky arms and legs. Recent weight gain has rendered my closet and dresser drawers useless for yielding a full outfit these days, thus the cry for help to Stitch Fix...

    At 5'8" and about about 200 pounds, I'm not sure entering my usual size of 'L' for tops and '14' for bottoms will work (because in some brands I'm XL for tops and even 18 for bottoms! arrrgh!). In the areas I was able to fill out with my own comments, I mentioned specific sizing quirks that have challenged me while shopping for myself, and I'm glad to see through your experiences that they tend to pay attention.

    I'm also interested how they've interpreted my sense of style from the Pinterest boards I linked--I have yet to see a reviewer who disclosed and/or seemingly chose 'edgy' as their primary style, and that's the one I most identify with. Do you feel as though the style or styles you emphasized as your favorite were represented accurately in your shipments?

    The wrap dress in this Fix and the earrings look lovely on you, so I'm curious if you've kept them. I don't have a blog that I'll be sharing my Fix on, but I'm bookmarking yours looking forward to more of your reviews!

  2. youre so damn hot, i wanna marry u


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