Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weight Loss Update Month 3

Hi people! I thought it was time to share a weight loss update for this past month of May, but alas I don't have much of one haha.  See Month 1 and Month 2 here.  As of Month 2 I was down 17lbs and at the end of Month 3 I am down a whopping 18lbs lol.  Although, to be fair, I was on vacation in May and gained about 4lbs on Puerto Rican food and drinks, so technically I lost 5lbs throughout the month of May if you include what I gained.

It seems I may have taken the month of May off from hardcore weight loss efforts- but I will definitely get back on track!  As I've said before, it's not a race so I don't mind taking a month off here or there so long as I get back on the horse.  And if it takes an extra 6 months to loose the weight that's ok because it'll be less stressful and more manageable to actually get there. 

Anyways, I figured maybe after 3 months it's time for a Before and After picture. The first photo is from Christmas and is insanely unflattering so I probably look closer to 300lbs than my actual weight at the time (and no I don't wanna tell ya what my starting weight was! haha)...the second photo is from my vacation in PR so fairly accurate.

Although I do have one issue I've been having that I'd love your input on.  It's been happenning ever since I started working out regularly 3 months ago.  I get these really awful headaches (or migraines perhaps?) maybe about once per week that are totally incapacitating.  I couldn't identify a pattern at first but I've noticed more recently that they occur the morning after a tough workout.  I asked my Dr about it a few months ago and she thought it was a sinus infection but I've still been getting them even after antibiotics.  They're really awful, like I come home and immediately pass out awful, and they prevent me from working out because I'm scared to get another one.  I'm finding it extremely frustrating because I WANT to work out hard and usually feel great after a DVD or going for a run but then this headache will come along and derail my whole workout schedule for the week.  And of course when I don't work out I don't eat as well either, so it's a double whammy.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I also drink TONS of water during the day, my workouts, and after my workouts so I don't think that is the explanation.  Any suggestions?

I started Jillian Michael's Body Revolution and her 7 day kickstart program (with double daily workouts) two weeks ago but only got to Day 3 before a massive headache hit and I haven't been able to get back on the wagon.  I want to continue with Body Revolution but I'm nervous about the headaches.  Any ideas?  Help meeeeee!

Okay so that's my monthly update, be back in the start of July and hopefully I'll have good news to share!


  1. Keep it up! You're doing great! I have no secrets for not getting a headache, accept maybe do less intense work outs. Or buy excedrin? My knees hurt after I do intense work outs, and I've just been using ibprofen and most likely damaging them more, but they hurt less when those muscles are stronger so its a lose/lose.

    This is awful advice.

  2. Maybe try some caffeine after your workout? They think the post-exercise headaches may be caused by blood vessels in the head/brain expanding and caffeine constricts blood vessels.

  3. Cassie - I was noticing bad headaches after working out very intensely as well. What has helped - yoga, cutting out sugar and cutting back on caffeine. Since I usually work out in the mornings - I also try to get some good protein in before my workout and then follow up with a banana after working out. It's all made a difference for me so maybe trying some of these ideas might help?

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