Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Layout

Hi everyone! Just swinging by to share my first layout as a member of the Noel Mignon Design Team :)  Since my first post was on July 4th I thought that a 4th of July layout would be fitting- except I hate using red white and blue on my layouts.  So I decided to make a color scheme of my own including aqua, gray, orange, and yellow in order to make a non-traditional 4th of July layout using the new Hello Sunshine kit.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. GORGEOUS layout!! I read your blog all the time (all the way from the other side of the world - New Zealand). Not sure how you manage to juggle work/home/child with special needs and still find time to be creative ... any tips? Just wanted to say I love your scrapbooking style and thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world : )

  2. Oh my goodness, thanks so much for that super sweet comment! I'm afraid I have no trick except I enlist my hubby and nanny to assist in keeping the house clean and doing breathing treatments :) I certainly couldn't do it all on my own, and even with the help I have a hard time getting my creative projects off the ground- my advice is to not do laundry lol- that's how I roll ;)


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