Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Charlie!

Hi everyone!  Well today is the 29th of August which means yesterday was Charlie's THIRD birthday!  Wowee, I can hardly believe it-- he's growing up so so fast and learning new things every day.  He's a great kid and we're so thankful he's progressing so well :)

Considering it is his third birthday I thought maybe I should get started scrapping his 2nd birthday photos (haha) so I used Noel Mignon's Hello Sunshine kit to craft this layout, showcasing an afternoon at the park for his birthday last year.

This is my last layout with the Hello Sunshine kit (sniff sniff) but I'll be back next week to share some cards with you.

This year for Charlie's birthday we kept it simple, Robb and I took the day off from work and when Charlie woke up there were balloons everywhere and a brand new bicycle (or as he called it a 'motorcycle') and helmet.  He loved the helmet and wore it around all morning haha.  The bike also came with a little tool set so he spent much of the morning "fixing" his bike ;)

He got presents all throughout the day and LOVED it.  When we put him down for a "nap" he was upstairs singing "Happy Birthday You To" to himself haha, we were listening over the baby monitor and boy was it funny!  He Skyped with his grandma down in FL and then in the afternoon my parents and his nanny and her husband stopped by for a little party with pizza, cake, and ice cream- and of course more presents!  Man, this kid is spoiled!  He got lots of new clothes, a real tool box, a GIANT plastic tool set picked out by his grandpa, a motorcycle, a pirate ship, foam swords, the Magic School Bus series on DVD, a blow up alligator for the pool, AND a brand new iPad from his grandma down in FL (and that's not even everything)!  We'll be visiting her this November and she thought he could use it on the plane to keep himself occupied, and it'll be really handy for those 3 hour long CF Clinic visits too.  What a lucky little boy :)

In between all the fun Robb was able to set up a little mini photo shoot and got some adorable 3 year portraits.  You'd think this kid never smiles because he's always so serious in pictures but whenever he's smiling he's usually running and being crazy so it's hard to get a picture of it haha!

Can't believe this kid is THREE!

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