Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Cover of Scrapbook Trends and a Giveaway

Hi friends! I'm here today to share some big and exciting news! I found out a few days ago that one of my layouts of Mr. Charlie made the COVER of Scrapbook Trends! I was so shocked and surprised!  When I was on the cover of CARDS I was told ahead of time, but this time around I just thought the layout would be in the issue, not on the cover.  But really very cool to be able to cross something like this off of my bucket list.  Here's the cover:

Unfortunately I can't seem to get a bigger picture, but you get the idea!  This cover is the perfect family collaboration in my opinion: my husband Robb took the fantastic photograph, Charlie was the handsome model, and I served as "toddler distractor" to make that picture happen (I'm pretty sure Charlie's looking up at me singing and dancing behind Robb in an attempt to get him to stop playing with sticks so we could get a decent shot haha).

As you can see, last year Charlie was Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" for Halloween....this year he says he wants to be an astronaut! Should be a cute costume as well :)  I'm dreading the days of spiderman masks and totally un-cute boy costumes haha.  I love scrapbooking Halloween so much I must have cute costumes hehe! Speaking of scrapbooking Halloween.....

Now I did mention a giveaway, didn't I?  It's actually TWO giveaways!  Here's the first one:

Yup, that's right- an entire, brand spankin new Noel Mignon kit!  This one is called Evening Stroll and has been sold out, but you have a chance to win it (and who wouldn't want this gorgeous kit?).  If you've been looking for a chance to test out Noel's kits this would be perfect for you.  However, in order to win the kit you must sign up for my NEW Masquerade Mini Album Class and order the coordinating kit from Noel.  And I'm sure you've already done that anyways right?

To learn more about the class and to purchase (for only $10) you can click HERE.  The class is a mini album class showing you really fun and unique ideas for creating your own mini album from scratch.  The lessons are geared towards versatility, so if Halloween is not your thing I'll also be making a light and airy "summer in review" album.  There are chapters on creating your album (from a shipping box), specialty pages (including some fun ideas with vellum, burlap, and paint), mini photo albums within your album, decorating the cover (and making flowers from scratch), and lastly embellishment techniques.  It's jam packed with videos and PDFs and we will have a fun Facebook page to share our projects and ideas.  I'll be sharing some sneaks of the albums coming up shortly but it sure would mean a lot to me if you guys wanted to join in on the fun :)

To purchase the coordinating class kit you can click HERE.  This kit is GORGEOUS and filled with so many fun items perfect for making a one-of-a-kind mini album.  In addition it contains lots of brand spankin new CHA products from some great manufacturers like Basic Grey, MME, Pebbles, Theresa Collins, the list goes on!  With my instruction and this kit you will have an amazing mini album in NO time flat :)

So if you purchase both items you'll be automatically entered to win that amazing Evening Stroll kit :) 

Now my second giveaway will be free access to my class!  Just make sure you're a follower and leave me a comment telling me what part of the class looks like the most fun to you.  I'll randomly choose a winner in a week or so :)

Happy Haunting!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Plus Size Fall Fashion

Hi friends!  I've been loving seeing everyone's adorable fall pictures, including some pretty darn cute outfits (for the momma's and the littles!).  If you've been keeping up with my weight loss posts you might have noticed that they've dropped off the planet for the past few months :/ Well long story short, I haven't been doing a great job keeping up with Jillian Michaels and my diet so the pounds, that had so recently melted off, have come right on back.  Lovely.  So now my problem is finding clothes (any!) that still fit.  I decided after seeing everyone's pumpkin spice lattes and apple picking photo's that I needed some new clothes to get me back in the looking cute/feeling cute category again. 

My first thought was a pair of comfortable boots, since I stand up at work all day and run around like a nut I thought boots were a perfect solution, not to mention that a pair of brown leather boots just screams fall to me.  Problem for me is that my calves are huge.  Not huge fat, but muscular, and I can rarely find my size shoe in a boot that I can zip up comfortably.  Plus whenever I got to a shoe store they never stock my size, so I end up trying on 30 pairs of shoes in a size too small and hope that one will run large.  Gah, it's obnoxious.  So this year I'm taking it online and browsing for cute fall boots that FIT. And then I finally came upon a site called Roaman's with not only cute fall boots, but boots that are actually wide width, so they'll fit!  I didn't even know they made wide width boots but yippee!  Plus they go up to huge sizes, which is great for me because my feet get bigger as the rest of me does too.  This happen to anyone else? Drives. me. nuts. 

 I'm definitely getting a pair.  I love the first pair the most I think, but those booties are super cute too.  Any thoughts?

Onwards, I wanted to see if I could find some cute coats.  And I found plenty, I'm thinking I like this one the best

I always gravitate towards military jackets, since I have broad shoulders the tailoring fits me nicely, plus I like the low neckline on this one in particular.

I also like this one though, the navy color is great for fall and the buttons and collar are so elegant.  Not to mention I think my belly chub would rock this jacket.

ASOS Curve Military Fit Jacket

How cute would some of these jackets and boots be paired with some skinny jeans? And of course a nice warm knit sweater

I think it would be the perfect snuggly outfit to get me into the fall spirit- along with a Starbucks Chai latte ;)

And of course what fall outfit would be complete without exchanging your summer purse for a new autumn purse.  I'll definitely take this one please, kthx.

So in closing, I need advice! Which boots? Which coat?  Will you buy me that Coach handbag?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Masquerade Mini Album Class and Kit

Hi friends! I'm here to share the news about my new class over at Noel Mignon!  The class is the Masquerade Mini Album Class and I couldn't be more excited!  In my house Halloween is not only my husbands birthday but also one of my favorite 'holidays'.  I adore dressing Charlie up in costumes, clicking away and getting some really adorable photos.  This class is for those of you that love Halloween as much as I do- I'll be teaching you a way to capture your Halloween memories in a mini album that we'll be making from scratch, along with supplies using the coordinating class kit. The class kit is something truly fun and unique- it's full of brand new Halloween papers and embellishments from MME, Theresa Collins, Basic Grey, Glitz, Pebbles, Ranger, and more!  It is packed to the brim with inspiration and you'll have a gorgeous and special mini album in no time, with enough leftover to even complete a layout or two as well ;) 

The class will feature 5 videos along with matching PDF's for step by step instructions as well as extra tips.   If you're not a huge fan of Halloween (which I think might be impossible but just in case) you can still get a lot of benefit from the class.  I will be making a "summer in review" album in the PDF's and the Halloween album in the videos, so you'll be able to see the exact same techniques showcased in two completely different ways.  The information in the class is easily adapted to whatever project you want to pursue and the techniques are versatile to whatever you choose, although I highly recommend buying the coordinating kit because it's gorgeous!  One of the most useful instructions will be showing you how to make a mini album from the box your kit was shipped in!  Cardboard + creativity = endless mini album creations :)

To purchase the kit or see a detailed list of what's included click HERE .  The cost is only $29.99 and if you're already a Noel Mignon subscriber it will ship with your next kit. 

The actual class can be purchased from yours truly for $10 by clicking the PayPal button below.  Once your payment has gone through you will be granted access to the class Facebook page and distributed your lessons and videos during the last week of October (October 28-November 1)- so your album will be ready in time to scrap your latest Halloween photos!  And if you need an extra bit of incentive-- I'll be hosting a few giveaways during the class as well, to replenish everyone's scrap supply of course :P

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you'll be joining in for the fun! Muhahaha!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Get Messy!

Hi friends!  I'm here to share a layout I made last week for Noel Mignon, using her kit Jack and Jill.  The theme last week was Children's Books so I decided since Charlie has been obsessed with the Magic School Bus series that Ms. Frizzle's quote "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" was a perfect title.

I kept with the messy theme by distressing all of my papers and drawing a doodle border around the photos.  The photos are from a few months ago when Charlie got into a bottle of baby powder during nap time one afternoon and spilled it EVERYWHERE.  Make mistakes, get messy?  Oh yah.

I also made one other layout recently just for funsies.  I don't love it, I think it's way too busy (which is why I don't even have a decent photo of it).  Sometimes when I don't have a plan in mind it works out and sometimes it just goes way too far and I feel like that's what happenned here.  Oh well!

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Fun and Pre-School

Hi everyone! As I mentioned yesterday I have been crazy busy lately, thus the lack of updates!  With long hours, a long commute, and a weird schedule (Wed-Sunday) I feel like I've been spinning on my own little busy planet lately.

I finally had a day off, plus it was on a Sunday (bonus!), so I knew I needed to try and cram in all of the fun fall stuff I usually do with Charlie since all those places are closed during the week (ie when I'm free!).  I lived it up since I know I won't have another Sunday off until Thanksgiving...ugh.

We decided to go to Robb's Farm in Glastonbury, which is a super fun place.  They have pumpkins (tiny ones since it was so early in the season), a big inflatable pumpkin bounce house, hay rides, corn mazes, petting zoo, baby animals, and the best apple fritters EVER.  We also went there last year and had a blast so I knew he'd love it (even though he insisted on the drive there that he didn't want to go).  We ended up having a great time!

After that we had some lunch at Bertucci's (I had an Apple Orchard hard cider to celebrate our 'fall' day which totally hit the spot after running around all morning) and got ice cream cones at Carvel for dessert.  I snapped a photo of Charlie eating an ice cream cone and it reminded me of someone I had seen on TV recently...

hehehehe.  Cyr vs Cyrus- I think Charlie is much cuter.

On Monday we went to Old Saybrook for my mom's birthday dinner and on Tuesday we headed to our new preschool open house.  It was so HOT in that room, there were like 40 big and little people crammed into that teeny little church basement with no air conditioning and children running like crazy.  I don't know how those teachers deal with it, I was dying to leave after 5 minutes.  But Charlie did pretty well, he loves it there, and we had already met with his teachers to go over his special situation (like enzymes and hand sanitizing, etc).  Should be interesting to see how often Charlie will be sick crammed in a room with all those little boys and girls...hopefully not too much :/

Before we went to the Open House Robb managed to get a few darling pictures of Charlie on his first "day" of preschool.  Isn't he so freaking cute? (finally proof that my child smiles!)

His first full day was yesterday and I think he had some issues listening but had a great time.  Should be interesting to see how he does, this boy can be very stubborn and opinionated.  He'll be going Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 930-11.  It's going to be a pain to get him fed, his treatment done, and to get there on time but we'll make it happen!  I'm so looking forward to a few hours off on Tuesdays to go grocery shopping and maybe even sneak in a workout!

Well that's what we've been up to lately!  Charlie overdose I bet, right?  Nah, not possible. Back soon with a few more layouts and news of a project with Noel Mignon ;)


Thursday, September 12, 2013

9 Hello Sunshine Layouts and 3 Cards

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry I've been so MIA lately- life has gotten very busy! Charlie is starting preschool (his first "official" day is today) and I've been working overtime a lot as well.  PLUS working on a fun project with Noel Mignon that I will share with you next week ;)

Speaking of Noel Mignon, I finally finished off my amazing Hello Sunshine kit which I have just ADORED.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many layouts I got from that kit so I thought I'd share all the layouts and cards I made from just one Noel Mignon kit.  They are the best- filled to the brim!  The cards are up on the Noel Mignon blog today if you'd like to check them out in more detail :)

Be back soon with some more updates :)