Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Fun and Pre-School

Hi everyone! As I mentioned yesterday I have been crazy busy lately, thus the lack of updates!  With long hours, a long commute, and a weird schedule (Wed-Sunday) I feel like I've been spinning on my own little busy planet lately.

I finally had a day off, plus it was on a Sunday (bonus!), so I knew I needed to try and cram in all of the fun fall stuff I usually do with Charlie since all those places are closed during the week (ie when I'm free!).  I lived it up since I know I won't have another Sunday off until Thanksgiving...ugh.

We decided to go to Robb's Farm in Glastonbury, which is a super fun place.  They have pumpkins (tiny ones since it was so early in the season), a big inflatable pumpkin bounce house, hay rides, corn mazes, petting zoo, baby animals, and the best apple fritters EVER.  We also went there last year and had a blast so I knew he'd love it (even though he insisted on the drive there that he didn't want to go).  We ended up having a great time!

After that we had some lunch at Bertucci's (I had an Apple Orchard hard cider to celebrate our 'fall' day which totally hit the spot after running around all morning) and got ice cream cones at Carvel for dessert.  I snapped a photo of Charlie eating an ice cream cone and it reminded me of someone I had seen on TV recently...

hehehehe.  Cyr vs Cyrus- I think Charlie is much cuter.

On Monday we went to Old Saybrook for my mom's birthday dinner and on Tuesday we headed to our new preschool open house.  It was so HOT in that room, there were like 40 big and little people crammed into that teeny little church basement with no air conditioning and children running like crazy.  I don't know how those teachers deal with it, I was dying to leave after 5 minutes.  But Charlie did pretty well, he loves it there, and we had already met with his teachers to go over his special situation (like enzymes and hand sanitizing, etc).  Should be interesting to see how often Charlie will be sick crammed in a room with all those little boys and girls...hopefully not too much :/

Before we went to the Open House Robb managed to get a few darling pictures of Charlie on his first "day" of preschool.  Isn't he so freaking cute? (finally proof that my child smiles!)

His first full day was yesterday and I think he had some issues listening but had a great time.  Should be interesting to see how he does, this boy can be very stubborn and opinionated.  He'll be going Tuesdays and Thursdays only from 930-11.  It's going to be a pain to get him fed, his treatment done, and to get there on time but we'll make it happen!  I'm so looking forward to a few hours off on Tuesdays to go grocery shopping and maybe even sneak in a workout!

Well that's what we've been up to lately!  Charlie overdose I bet, right?  Nah, not possible. Back soon with a few more layouts and news of a project with Noel Mignon ;)


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