Monday, September 23, 2013

Plus Size Fall Fashion

Hi friends!  I've been loving seeing everyone's adorable fall pictures, including some pretty darn cute outfits (for the momma's and the littles!).  If you've been keeping up with my weight loss posts you might have noticed that they've dropped off the planet for the past few months :/ Well long story short, I haven't been doing a great job keeping up with Jillian Michaels and my diet so the pounds, that had so recently melted off, have come right on back.  Lovely.  So now my problem is finding clothes (any!) that still fit.  I decided after seeing everyone's pumpkin spice lattes and apple picking photo's that I needed some new clothes to get me back in the looking cute/feeling cute category again. 

My first thought was a pair of comfortable boots, since I stand up at work all day and run around like a nut I thought boots were a perfect solution, not to mention that a pair of brown leather boots just screams fall to me.  Problem for me is that my calves are huge.  Not huge fat, but muscular, and I can rarely find my size shoe in a boot that I can zip up comfortably.  Plus whenever I got to a shoe store they never stock my size, so I end up trying on 30 pairs of shoes in a size too small and hope that one will run large.  Gah, it's obnoxious.  So this year I'm taking it online and browsing for cute fall boots that FIT. And then I finally came upon a site called Roaman's with not only cute fall boots, but boots that are actually wide width, so they'll fit!  I didn't even know they made wide width boots but yippee!  Plus they go up to huge sizes, which is great for me because my feet get bigger as the rest of me does too.  This happen to anyone else? Drives. me. nuts. 

 I'm definitely getting a pair.  I love the first pair the most I think, but those booties are super cute too.  Any thoughts?

Onwards, I wanted to see if I could find some cute coats.  And I found plenty, I'm thinking I like this one the best

I always gravitate towards military jackets, since I have broad shoulders the tailoring fits me nicely, plus I like the low neckline on this one in particular.

I also like this one though, the navy color is great for fall and the buttons and collar are so elegant.  Not to mention I think my belly chub would rock this jacket.

ASOS Curve Military Fit Jacket

How cute would some of these jackets and boots be paired with some skinny jeans? And of course a nice warm knit sweater

I think it would be the perfect snuggly outfit to get me into the fall spirit- along with a Starbucks Chai latte ;)

And of course what fall outfit would be complete without exchanging your summer purse for a new autumn purse.  I'll definitely take this one please, kthx.

So in closing, I need advice! Which boots? Which coat?  Will you buy me that Coach handbag?


  1. First boots. Second Jacket. And "No" (LOL) Great taste in clothes, they all are really great. Post a pic of the new outfit when you get it all : )

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