Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Fun and Painted Pumpkins

Hi everyone!  Just posting about a fun little fall outing with Charlie this week and to share some cute painted pumpkins I made :)  My work schedule is Wednesday-Sunday, which kind of stinks sometimes because I feel like I don't see Charlie quite as much as I used to, and that 1 hour commute sure doesn't help either. This past Monday I decided to have a fun Mommy/Charlie day and told Robb he could have the house to himself because Charlie and I were going out!

I decided to go to Lyman's Orchard because they have apple picking and pumpkin patches.  It's about an hour away (only 15 minutes away from where I grew up though!) so we took the scenic route through CT and looked at all the gorgeous and BRIGHT fall colors.  They were so vibrant- pinks, oranges, yellows, red.  Just beautiful!

Once we arrived we got some lunch (and kettle corn, ahem) and headed to the pumpkin patch.  After much running around we went to the orchard and picked some apples, which Charlie really had fun doing.  I think I might make an apple crisp this weekend, yum yum!  Oh and of course I couldn't leave without picking up a half dozen of their amazeballs cider donuts!  OMG so yummy!

We stuck around for about 2 hours and then started back home.  Since we were having so much fun I stopped at a Petco on the way home so Charlie could look at all the animals.  I believe this is referred to as the poor man's zoo, haha.  After that we went into the cheese shop next door and had some fun picking out and testing all the cheeses.  Charlie is such a cheese hound, and I think it's funny that he will eat "fancy" cheese too.  At this point we had blown past nap time and I was SHOCKED Charlie was behaving so well! We stopped at Ruby Tuesdays next and Charlie had a late snack of mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, and french fries (gotta keep that weight up!).

We finally got home and we were both BEAT! It was such a fun day though, it's amazing how grown up Charlie is (sometimes) lately.  He was a good listener behavior-wise and I could actually have conversations with him in the car.  Such a little man!

The next day while Charlie was at preschool I decided to decorate some little pumpkins for the Noel Mignon Halloween crop (going on today on the facebook page!).

 I used the supplies in the Mini Masquerade Album kit (I LOVE that metallic paint dabber!!), and there are still some available!  I've also been super busy finishing up my mini album class, it starts on Monday and I'm so excited to share it with you all! There's plenty of time to sign up, there are 7 PDFs and HOURS of video tutorials so it's a bargain for only $10 :)  You can see some sneaks and the class outline HERE, and purchase by clicking HERE.

I gotta say, I love this time of year! Autumn in CT is beautiful: nice and cool, so many fun activities to do, and Robb and I were both born in October, so lots of birthday cake :P

Happy Fall!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Few New Layouts

Hi everyone!  I've got a couple quick layouts to share with you today made using Noel Mignon kits!  This first one is about one of my doggies, Miss EmmaBear, using the Miss Nelson kit

This next layout is made using last year's Willow Creek kit, feels good to finally start scrapbooking LAST fall lol!  This layout is about the fall decor we had last year: mostly crafts made by Charlie like footprint ghosts, handprint trees, and egg carton bats :)

I'm still loving banners in any and all capacities :)  Enjoy the layouts and I'll be back soon!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Masquerade Mini Album Class and Kit Sneaks

Hi everyone!  I'm here today to share some sneaks of my new class, Masquerade Mini Album.  You can find more details by clicking this link but basically it is a great and comprehensive class that details how to make your own mini album from scratch using a beautiful Halloween kit from Noel Mignon, which you can purchase here.  The kit and the class are not exclusive to each other, although having the kit does help when it comes to supplies for the techniques, so you don't need to purchase both.

(This album cover isn't complete yet since I'm still filming, but it's gonna look awesome!)

The class includes 7 PDF files AND 6 videos, so far the first two videos are averaging about 20 minutes so trust me, there is a LOT of content!  Oh and the price?  Only $10!  I've seen, and taken, classes on Two Peas in a Bucket, Studio Calico, Big Picture Classes, and more that had only PDFs or a couple videos that cost double the amount for this class, so I think it's a great value.  In addition, I was surfing around and saw that another scrapbooking kit club listed a VERY similar mini album Halloween kit (interesting...) that costs $10 more than Noel's kit, so you can pay the same price for a great kit AND a detailed class.  Win, win!

I will be making 2 mini albums throughout the class.  The album I'll be making in the PDFs, that includes step by step photo instructions, is a Summer in Review album.  The album I'll be making in the videos is the one that uses the coordinating class kit and will be spookily Halloween themed :)  The same techniques will be shown in both PDF and video format, using different supplies, so you can get an idea of the versatility of these tutorials.  For a bit more information you can check out the class syllabus below:

Chapter 1: Introduction and supplies
Chapter 2: Constructing your mini album from a cardboard box and creating sturdy pages
Chapter 3: Specialty Pages using supplies like burlap, vellum, paint, punches, etc...

Chapter 4: Flip Albums: two different types of albums plus two options for closures
Chapter 5: Embellishment Techniques: vellum envelope and 10 embellishment challenges
Chapter 6: Designing Your Cover: burlap flower and ribbon closure
Chapter 7: Final thoughts and album walk throughs

The class will start October 28th and run through November 2nd, however as of today the Facebook Page is set up and the first PDF is available, in order to give you time to gather supplies, order pictures, etc.  There is plenty of time to sign up (and buy your kit!) and we'll be sharing some projects and pins on the Facebook Page in the meantime ;)

Last but not least-- someone who orders both the kit and the class will be in the running to receive this awesome sold out Noel Mignon kit!  Cool huh?

Make sure you sign up HERE :D

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winner of Mini Album Class Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for indulging me on my last post-- I know it's probably not an opinion many other mom's agree with but I had to get it off my chest anyways :)

Onwards!  I have been working like crazy on finishing up my class.  The first mini album (that is used for the PDF instructions) is all done and the PDFs are ready to go.  I will start filming the videos with my hubby tomorrow and get to finishing up my Halloween mini album.  So fun- and I should have sneaks very shortly!  If anyone is interested in the class or coordinating kit you can check it out HERE- the more the merrier!  It's only $10 and you will get both videos and PDFs: 7 PDFs in total and at least 6 videos.  Seems like a bargain to me :)

If you are signed up for the class I will be sending an email invitation to our private group Facebook page where I will be distributing our class materials.  I thought it would be fun to set up the page a little early (the class won't start until Oct 28th officially) to share some other Halloween themed projects, etc.  I'll also be distributing the first class a little early as well to give you some time to decide on the specifics for your album and gather the necessary supplies.  Here is the class syllabus:

Chapter 1: Introduction and supplies
Chapter 2: Constructing your mini album from a cardboard box and creating sturdy pages
Chapter 3: Specialty Pages using supplies like burlap, vellum, paint, punches, etc...

Chapter 4: Flip Albums: two different types of albums and closure ideas for containing flip albums within
 your mini for extra photo real estate
Chapter 5: Embellishment Techniques: ideas using journaling cards, tabs, making your own envelopes, and more
Chapter 6: Designing Your Cover: creating a unique burlap flower and a ribbon closure for your album
Chapter 7: Final thoughts and album walk throughs

Now on to the winner of my giveaway :)  Congratulations to:

I love your cover layout and that adorable photo. Your class looks great, too! Thanks for the chance."
Yay! Congratulations Heather!  Please shoot me an email at with your preferred email address and I"ll get you on the email list :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Why I'm Pro Vaccine

Hi everyone!  I'm here today to share my opinion on vaccinations.  This post came about due to my niece (in laws') vocal opinion about vaccines that caused a bit of a tiff.  It honestly got to me more than it should have, but here I am, and I want to vent (yet again, lol).

Nothing to do with vaccines, but this child is a cutie!

To preface, I want to be honest.  I've been honest about this before (on my Facebook) but not on my blog.  Before Charlie was born and diagnosed, I decided to forgo the "unnecessary" vaccines for a little while.  The ones I decided to forgo were chicken pox and the flu vaccine.  I, of course, realized the necessity of the other vaccines but decided that my son would be healthy and therefore there was no harm in skipping the other ones.  I changed my mind before he was born after talking with pediatricians but I did thoroughly look into both sides of the story ahead of time.  I tell you this not so you copy what I almost decided but so you realize that I was wrong.  I posted this on my facebook page a month or so ago as a plea for other mothers who were perhaps 'on the fence' to reconsider, only to have it thrown in my face by my 25 year old niece as "you didn't care about vaccines until your kid had CF!" type of comment.  The truth is partially: yes! I didn't realize how important it was until I had such an unstable child, but once I realized it through Charlie I believed it was my responsibility to help inform others. 

Truth be told, I always agreed with vaccines, I just didn't think every vaccine was important-- like the flu or chicken pox.  This was wrong and naive, and I'd love to explain why, because if it convinces ONE parent out there I'll be a happy duck.

So to start my story, here's my background.  I've worked in labs that cure life threatening and debilitating diseases since I was 16.  I have 13 years experience working in biotech, quality control, micro biology, and molecular biology, including 2 years in the QC department of a company that produced a recombinant flu vaccine.  I have also spent 3 years in graduate biology courses at Brown in addition to having a 3 year old immune compromised son with Cystic Fibrosis.  I consider myself very well informed.  I don't get my knowledge from questionable news stories or the "anti" or even the "pro" vaccine websites.  This is all information I know from experience and from my background.  And I can attest with certainty that vaccines are perfectly safe.  Anyone that says otherwise by spouting the words "dead virus" "formaldehyde" "thimerosal" or "autism" is an idiot.  Plain and simple. 

This is for 2 hours every day.  Someday it's 4x per day.  How is it fair that some person can decide for me that children that get the flu will be "just fine"?

Let's start with what it feels like to be a mother that knows she will outlive her child.  This is the worst, knowing there's a pretty darn good chance your son won't be around when you're 60 is just plain heartbreaking.  And even if he is around it's likely due to an invasive but life saving lung transplant.  I don't say this to be a bummer, because statistics can be broken, but because I want you to be in my mindset.  So let's say you know you have a "fragile" child: a child that can be rushed to the ER with a flu, which can turn into pneumonia, which can turn into decreased lung function, which can turn into a transplant.  These are BIG problems and big stressors.  Keep in mind, when you have a child with CF you don't have the luxury of deciding "oh this vaccine is OK and I don't want to do this one".  It's just not going to happen.  When Charlie was diagnosed I was told he would need all of his vaccines no matter what and I accepted it without question and happily.  I would do anything to keep him out of the hospital and (relatively) healthy.  Not only did Charlie need every vaccine he needed extra vaccines, which meant more money and more home nursing visits once per month.  Again, I was happy to do it.

A rambling pro vaccination scientist---I WISH that had been me lol.

Now I could easily talk about herd immunity, measles outbreaks, the benefit vs risk of vaccines, and how the scientist that showed the autism/vaccine link was thoroughly debunked and lost his medical license.  This has all been done before....what I'd like to talk about is how your child's health is a luxury and a gift.  I've said it previously, but in the short 2 weeks before Charlie's diagnosis I always said "yes a healthy baby boy" flippantly.  I didn't understand how lucky I was to say that, only until something went terribly wrong did I realize the importance of that phrase, and how I'd never be able to say "a healthy boy" every again.  I can still say "healthy" but it's always in quotes, because quite honestly Charlie is by no means healthy.  He's doing well with CF so far but it's a fight that takes hours each and EVERY day, without fail, and the coordination of my family, our nanny, and my parents and countless others.  Charlie has a trust fund set up in case he needs a lung transplant.  He's 3.  Do you see my point?  He is not a normal child and this fact weighs on me so very heavily literally every day.  It's so hard to go about your day knowing what is in store for your young child: maybe not today, or 10 years from now, or even 20 years from now, but simply knowing that it's coming, and you will never know when, takes a huge toll.  And one bout of the flu could change everything, irrevocably.

So now that i know what a gift a healthy child could have been, I have a very, VERY hard time accepting the fact that other families throw away their child's good health by risking forgoing vaccinations.  I notice other parents now a days saying how blessed they are to have a healthy child, but then why don't you vaccinate them to ensure they stay healthy? Why aren't you protecting the good luck you've had?  Why risk your healthy child dying from such a mundane disease as the chicken pox or the flu or any other disease out there?  WHY?  You've been so lucky to have healthy children, why would you gamble and throw that luck down the toilet?  This more than anything irks the beejezus out of me.  The reason is because non informed people with almost no scientific background decided such by listening to propaganda, and only listen to one side of the story with the resilience of a brick wall. 

In addition, I have to say that I am also frustrated that most parents don't think and/or care about other immune compromised children.  My niece with her strong stance against the flu vaccine seemed to care very little that our family would be visiting them in the prime of flu season (in fact she didn't care at all, she simply said "fine then, I"ll stay away").  On Charlie's first day of pre-school I overheard the other moms sharing tips on getting away with not vaccinating their kids for school ("oh you just apply for the religious waiver and they'll never follow up on it").  No one else seems to care about the other children that might not be able to rebound from the flu as quickly as their (lucky) healthy children can.  How wonderful it must be to be able NOT to care about such mundane issues as vaccinations.  But some parents have no choice in the matter.  And in our case, Charlie looks completely healthy (thanks to the hours per day of work by a variety of people) so no one would ever think "oh well maybe I should care about vaccines because that child is sickly".  It just won't happen.  SO keep this in mind:  your child will be contagious for DAYS before they show any signs of being sick.  In those days your one child in school can infect at least triple the amount in their class.  So if your 4 year old child isn't vaccinated for the flu, they could infect easily 60 other children with the flu before you even realize they are sick.  SIXTY.  and chances are at least one of those kids is also immune compromised or could become very ill due to your negligence. You'll probably never know if you caused these people harm for certain, but I'm here telling you-- if you have done that because you didn't vaccinate your child, you have risked another person's health.  It's not a "maybe" it's a definite. 

Also, I've heard the argument that "my kid got X illness and was fine!".  Which is just ridiculous.  That may be the case, but first of all, is it good that your child was sick when it could have been prevented?  Secondly, how many other children did your one sick child infect that weren't fine afterwards?

When it comes to why it's important to vaccinate and why it's important to be vocal about your vaccination choices I reccomend these two articles.  They're both extremely well written and are worth 10 minutes of your time.  Please read:

This is a great article about another CF mom that goes into all the reasons vaccination is important to mom's like myself.  I didn't get into a lot of the science because this mother has already done it perfectly.

This is an important article that mentions how much more vocal the "anti vaccine" movement is than the "pro vaccine" movement and that if we need changes, we need to be more vocal.  This is important and I hope that if you're pro vaccine you will take this to heart.

I want to reiterate a point made by that last article.  Many people feel vaccines are a personal decision within their family.  HOWEVER, this "personal" decision affects every single person an unvaccinated child comes into contact with.  Vaccination must be everyone's business because it affects everyone.  I don't want to give a shit about someone else's vaccination opinions, I honestly don't WANT to, but in my situation it could seriously affect my child, so privacy on this matter is null and void.

You live in a community, with old people, sick people, and healthy people.  Everyone needs to work together in a community to keep each other safe.  You might not want to vaccinate your child but when you live in a community you need to do what's right.  If you lived on an island in the middle of nowhere that would be different, but you don't, therefore public health is everyone's responsibility.

Please, don't let the worst happen to you before you change your mind about vaccines.  You will be saving children's lives, even if it isn't your own. I'm sorry to get on my high horse, but quite honestly, I want to be vocal about this opinion in particular. I feel very strongly about it and think it's becoming a bigger issue as the anti-vaccine movement takes off and kids are getting sick again from diseases that used to be almost non existent.  I'm thankful I was vaccinated by my parents, are you?

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Perils of Preschool (when your child has CF)

Hi there! First off, I wanted to make sure you know I have a giveaway going on! You can win either a spot in my kit OR a brand new Noel Mignon Evening Stroll kit, so make sure you click here to find out all the deets.  Did I just say deets?

Well this isn't scrappy related or really related to anything in particular- maybe it's just a rant.  I just find myself (and my hubby) going in and out of frustration with this preschool situation.  We wanted Charlie to attend preschool in order to get him around other kids, plus we knew that shielding him from every little germ in the world, by having a nanny, would eventually catch up with us so why not expose him now, when his Cystic Fibrosis is being well managed.

These photos have nothing to do with preschool, but they are freaking adorable :)

Of course this isn't something we can just send him off to.  I had to meet with all of his preschool teachers and explain that at snack time Charlie would need to be given enzymes, he would need extra hand sanitizer precautions, and need to drink as much as he needs because he gets dehydrated easily.  These women were all super nice and accommodating.  We decided we would send a special high fat snack into preschool with him and we would also pre portion his enzymes so all they'd need to do is dump it on some applesauce we provide, mix it up, and give him his meds.  Charlie normally doesn't eat a snack midmorning, he takes such high calorie meals 3 times per day that it's almost impossible to get him to eat a snack.  I don't blame the kid, he eats 500 calories for breakfast, would you still be hungry 3 hours later? Probably not.  So we knew this but we didn't want him to sit at the snack table all by himself while all the other kids were eating so we decided to test out a small yet high calorie snack to see how he did.

SO there's the background, but we keep running into some annoying situations.

1. Charlie has been "under the weather" since day one.  Not full blown sick really, but coughing more than usual, a bit more congested, and taking longer naps.  This goes the same for Robb and myself, albeit without the naps, and of course we don't have CF so who cares?

2. The teachers never realized they need to FEED Charlie his enzymes, and acted annoyed that our son couldn't feed it to himself.  Robb and I thought this was ridiculous, but I don't know what the parents of 'normal' children do for medications.  The enzymes are tiny little beads that you mix in applesauce, hundreds of them I would guess.  Mixing up the enzymes and then handing it to Charlie and expecting him to first, eat all of it, and second, scrape along the sides to get any stray enzymes, (all without supervision) seems beyond ridiculous to me.  I don't know how many parents out there would take a very important medication and hand it to a 3 year old, walk away, and just assume that they took it themselves.  I asked one of my friends who is a mom and she said that "yes, if she gave her child a syringe of medicine she would just take it".  To this I call bullshit.  If you had a medication as important as this one is you would NOT let your child administer it to themselves and walk away.  Wouldn't it be great if he learned to dump out his medicine while our backs were turned and then ended up with an intestinal blockage or something?  I was so shocked when the teacher acted annoyed that they had to spoon feed him his medicine, it seems so damn obvious to me.  Not to mention it only takes approximately 30 seconds to do it, 3 small spoonfuls and he almost always eats it willingly.

3. Charlie is always dying of thirst whenever we pick him up.  Constantly asking for gatorade and water as soon as he sees me.  I need to speak with the teachers and remind them he needs drinks available at all times.  Maybe even provide a sippy cup.

4. We've gotten a few 'behavior' phone calls already.  I was expecting this, personally.  Charlie has taken a handful of independent classes but for the most part it's just him and his nanny, grandparents, or mom and dad- so he gets to do whatever he wants most of the time.  He knows he needs to sit for treatments, dinner, and bedtime stories but aside from that he can just play and play.  So he's having a hard time listening to the teachers and sitting for circle time, etc.  That being said, we've been working with him a LOT over the past few weeks and it has gotten much better!

However, Charlie LOVES it!  He has been asking to go to Preschool everyday (it's only 2.5hours Tuesdays and Thursdays), and I can even get some details out of him about his day now.  So of course all those annoyances are totally worth it when I see how much fun he has there :)  Not to mention that the 2.5hours I now have free on Tuesdays has been pretty nice too hehe

Needless to say I will have a lot of issues to discuss at Charlie's CF Clinic appointment next week!  Any other momma's out there have any luck with a CF kid starting preschool?  Share your wisdom please! Am I totally "off" about the enzyme thing?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Layouts to share using the Miss Nelson Kit

Hi friends!

I'm here today to share some layouts I've made recently using Noel Mignon's awesome Miss Nelson kit.  The main kit is sold out but there are still a few Project Life kits available :)  The colors in this kit are so soft and pretty, I just love them!

Before I get into my projects I want to make sure you all have signed up for my upcoming Mini Album Class with Noel Mignon.  It comes with a coordinating class kit which you can purchase HERE.  In the class I will be making both a "Summer in Review" album and a "Halloween" album, so you'll get to see the exact same techniques shown in two completely different ways.  The class contains a PDF and video for each chapter, I will have photo sneaks to share soon but in the meantime here is the class syllabus for your perusal
Chapter 1: Introduction and supplies
Chapter 2: Constructing your mini album from a cardboard box and creating sturdy pages
Chapter 3: Specialty Pages using supplies like burlap, vellum, paint, punches, etc...

Chapter 4: Flip Albums: two different types of albums and closure ideas for containing flip albums within your mini for extra photo real estate
Chapter 5: Embellishment Techniques: ideas using journaling cards, tabs, making your own envelopes, and more
Chapter 6: Designing Your Cover: creating a unique burlap flower and a ribbon closure for your album
Chapter 7: Final thoughts and album walk throughs

If you're interested in buying the class it is only $10 and can be purchased HERE.  I also have a giveaway going on for a FREE spot in the class HERE and one person who buys both the class and the kit will be chosen to win a brand new (sold out) Noel Mignon Evening Stroll kit (a $64.99 value) along with some other giveaways that will be happening during the class.  You know you wanna join in on the fun ;)

Now on to the projects!  This first layout is made using some of the really cool paper twine that was included in the kit.  I discovered that it is very easy to make tiny little tassles from the stuff, just tie it in a knot, cut off the excess, fluff out the paper twine below the knot, and snip little tassles.  Easy peasy, and I love the cool look it gives this layout!

Next up is a layout showcasing my son's first hair cut (from last year! man I'm slow).  There's even a little ringlet of hair attached, although it is hard to see in the picture it looks more like an actual ringlet of hair in person.  As I mentioned, I really enjoy the pink and blues in this kit but it's great for more masculine layouts because of all the black accent pieces.

Lastly is a layout I made about Charlie's friend Gracie. I fussy cut some flowers and just went embellishment crazy :)

Okay, that's it for today! Happy Thursday :)


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blue Apron Review for Vegetarian Meals

Hi friends! I posted a review a few weeks back that was about how much I loved the Blue Apron service, and it detailed  one of the meat boxes I received.  I still thoroughly enjoy the convenience of Blue Apron and my husband and I even decided to be adventurous and test out some of the vegetarian boxes.  We are NOT vegetarians by any means but some of those veggie meals really looked tasty and we thought it would be fun to try it out plus healthier.

I don't have a review on any specific box but here's a review on some of our favorites thus far (sorry sometimes I'm just too hungry to remember to take a picture of everything haha).  The main point that I've noticed with vegetarian meals compared to non-vegetarian meals has been PORTION.  The veggie meals are HUGE, the portion sizes are very generous.  I'm able to easily get 2, 3, sometimes even 4 portions of a meal instead of the 2 intended.

While I'm reviewing I will say that one box that I ordered never arrived...FedEx wouldn't send it because there was a dent/tear on the box or something.  I realized that it probably wasn't coming over a day after it should have arrived.  This was actually really annoying because I had already gone grocery shopping thinking 3 dinners were taken care of.  However customer service was very friendly and completely refunded my purchase.

Palak Paneer: this is my FAVORITE Indian food dish, I get it all the time in restaurants, so I knew I had to try their version.  It was super tasty!  The kambucha salad on the side was really big, and I wish there had been more Palak Paneer instead of salad, but both were quite yummy at any rate.

Trofie Pasta: Winner winner chicken dinner!  Unfortunately I was short changed the heirloom tomatoes in my box this week (boo! but I was refunded $20 so I'm still happy), but I went out and bought some more and really loved this dish.

Okonomiyaki: This was Robb's favorite veggie dish so far.  I liked it too, but those pancakes were so big it was hard to flip.  Next time I'll make 4 small pancakes instead of 2 giant ones haha.

Fetucelle with Wild Mushroom Bolognese: SO GOOD! I ate way more than I should have, I was full for days lol.  I love how they give us fresh pasta for any pasta dishes, it's always so yummy.

Potato, Pepper and Brussel Sprout Hash: This was one of my personal favorites.  The remoulade sauce was delightful and I loved all those fresh veggies in there.

Brocolli, Rotini, and Cheese Casserole: Mac and Cheese is almost always a winner in my house.  This was put in a 8x8 pan and I didn't think we'd be able to finish it, but my hubby is always up for a challenge and it was demolished hehe.

West African Peanut Stew: This served up SO much.  I made four portions, the fourth was light on the couscous but there was still lots of stew to go around.

Saffron Bulgar and Winter Vegetables: This has been the only BA meal I haven't liked to date.  Bulgar, apparently, is gross- no matter how much saffron you add in.  The little pattypan squash they gave us were adorable though ;)

Tortilla Soup: I made this one last Friday and thought I'd hate it, it seemed super boring.  But then I made it and it was delicious!

SO there's a small smattering of our favorite and least favorite vegetarian Blue Apron boxes.  I'm pretty pleased with most of them, they have been very unique and tasty so far- even for a non vegetarian like myself!

If you're interested in trying Blue Apron I have a few coupons to send to friends for a free week's worth of food (either meat or vegetarian).  Just leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you one-- the first 3 comments win!

Bon Appetit!