Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blue Apron Review for Vegetarian Meals

Hi friends! I posted a review a few weeks back that was about how much I loved the Blue Apron service, and it detailed  one of the meat boxes I received.  I still thoroughly enjoy the convenience of Blue Apron and my husband and I even decided to be adventurous and test out some of the vegetarian boxes.  We are NOT vegetarians by any means but some of those veggie meals really looked tasty and we thought it would be fun to try it out plus healthier.

I don't have a review on any specific box but here's a review on some of our favorites thus far (sorry sometimes I'm just too hungry to remember to take a picture of everything haha).  The main point that I've noticed with vegetarian meals compared to non-vegetarian meals has been PORTION.  The veggie meals are HUGE, the portion sizes are very generous.  I'm able to easily get 2, 3, sometimes even 4 portions of a meal instead of the 2 intended.

While I'm reviewing I will say that one box that I ordered never arrived...FedEx wouldn't send it because there was a dent/tear on the box or something.  I realized that it probably wasn't coming over a day after it should have arrived.  This was actually really annoying because I had already gone grocery shopping thinking 3 dinners were taken care of.  However customer service was very friendly and completely refunded my purchase.

Palak Paneer: this is my FAVORITE Indian food dish, I get it all the time in restaurants, so I knew I had to try their version.  It was super tasty!  The kambucha salad on the side was really big, and I wish there had been more Palak Paneer instead of salad, but both were quite yummy at any rate.

Trofie Pasta: Winner winner chicken dinner!  Unfortunately I was short changed the heirloom tomatoes in my box this week (boo! but I was refunded $20 so I'm still happy), but I went out and bought some more and really loved this dish.

Okonomiyaki: This was Robb's favorite veggie dish so far.  I liked it too, but those pancakes were so big it was hard to flip.  Next time I'll make 4 small pancakes instead of 2 giant ones haha.

Fetucelle with Wild Mushroom Bolognese: SO GOOD! I ate way more than I should have, I was full for days lol.  I love how they give us fresh pasta for any pasta dishes, it's always so yummy.

Potato, Pepper and Brussel Sprout Hash: This was one of my personal favorites.  The remoulade sauce was delightful and I loved all those fresh veggies in there.

Brocolli, Rotini, and Cheese Casserole: Mac and Cheese is almost always a winner in my house.  This was put in a 8x8 pan and I didn't think we'd be able to finish it, but my hubby is always up for a challenge and it was demolished hehe.

West African Peanut Stew: This served up SO much.  I made four portions, the fourth was light on the couscous but there was still lots of stew to go around.

Saffron Bulgar and Winter Vegetables: This has been the only BA meal I haven't liked to date.  Bulgar, apparently, is gross- no matter how much saffron you add in.  The little pattypan squash they gave us were adorable though ;)

Tortilla Soup: I made this one last Friday and thought I'd hate it, it seemed super boring.  But then I made it and it was delicious!

SO there's a small smattering of our favorite and least favorite vegetarian Blue Apron boxes.  I'm pretty pleased with most of them, they have been very unique and tasty so far- even for a non vegetarian like myself!

If you're interested in trying Blue Apron I have a few coupons to send to friends for a free week's worth of food (either meat or vegetarian).  Just leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you one-- the first 3 comments win!

Bon Appetit!



  1. ooh! i would love to try blue apron's services! i live alone and i pretty much despise cooking! LOL! i would love to try out some new recipes while still using fresh/healthy ingredients! thanks! :)

  2. Those recipes look so delicious and healthy. I would love to try out blue apron. Thanks for review and if you still have a coupon, I would really like to try them out as well. Thank you!

  3. Hi, I've been wanting to try out Blue Apron, especially since they offer vegetarian recipes that look delicious and creative. I found you by googling vegetarian reviews of Blue Apron. I love to cook but I end up wasting a lot of money trying new recipes and buying ingredients I'll only use once. I also find I get lazy with weeknight meals and hate grocery shopping after work. I also live alone and end often can't use large packages of veggies and things before they go bad. I love the idea of portioned ingredients. I think this would be perfect for me.


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