Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Winner of Mini Album Class Giveaway!

Hi everyone!  Thanks for indulging me on my last post-- I know it's probably not an opinion many other mom's agree with but I had to get it off my chest anyways :)

Onwards!  I have been working like crazy on finishing up my class.  The first mini album (that is used for the PDF instructions) is all done and the PDFs are ready to go.  I will start filming the videos with my hubby tomorrow and get to finishing up my Halloween mini album.  So fun- and I should have sneaks very shortly!  If anyone is interested in the class or coordinating kit you can check it out HERE- the more the merrier!  It's only $10 and you will get both videos and PDFs: 7 PDFs in total and at least 6 videos.  Seems like a bargain to me :)

If you are signed up for the class I will be sending an email invitation to our private group Facebook page where I will be distributing our class materials.  I thought it would be fun to set up the page a little early (the class won't start until Oct 28th officially) to share some other Halloween themed projects, etc.  I'll also be distributing the first class a little early as well to give you some time to decide on the specifics for your album and gather the necessary supplies.  Here is the class syllabus:

Chapter 1: Introduction and supplies
Chapter 2: Constructing your mini album from a cardboard box and creating sturdy pages
Chapter 3: Specialty Pages using supplies like burlap, vellum, paint, punches, etc...

Chapter 4: Flip Albums: two different types of albums and closure ideas for containing flip albums within
 your mini for extra photo real estate
Chapter 5: Embellishment Techniques: ideas using journaling cards, tabs, making your own envelopes, and more
Chapter 6: Designing Your Cover: creating a unique burlap flower and a ribbon closure for your album
Chapter 7: Final thoughts and album walk throughs

Now on to the winner of my giveaway :)  Congratulations to:

I love your cover layout and that adorable photo. Your class looks great, too! Thanks for the chance."
Yay! Congratulations Heather!  Please shoot me an email at with your preferred email address and I"ll get you on the email list :)

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