Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding the Perfect Christmas Card Outfits

Hi everyone! I’m here to share my thoughts on Christmas card outfits for this year!  I got the cutest things for Mr. Charlie to wear for our little photo shoot which will be in the next few weeks sometime.  Charlie will be decked out in some cute Old Navy clothes which I fell in love with.  His cute little mug works really well with the old fashioned vibe (my dad calls him “vintage boy” haha must be those big eyes he has) so he’ll be wearing suspenders, a bow tie, red plaid shirt, and a tweed blazer.  Adorable?  I think so!

 The actual shirt is different than this but it's sold out so this is the closest I could find.  It's actually a bigger plaid with red and gray and a big fat red bow tie :)

So of course I need some cute matching clothes to go with it and I found a really cute plus size online shopping mall called One Stop Plus to get my outfit.  It’s a pretty neat idea, they take all the plus size websites out there (like Roaman’s, where I got my last autumn haul haha) and consolidates them into one place where you can purchase from any of the stores.  Pretty sweet, so I spent some time perusing the merchandise and this is what I have come up with to match my little Charlie man.

This awesome herringbone coat….I am in love with this pattern, aren’t you? I love it on my clothes and in my scrapbooking supplies too lol

This super cute polka dot skirt, I love a short skirt!  I can’t help it, I like to show off my legs J

A simple red sweater since the skirt is pretty busy, but this one has a nice pattern on it.  I may add a silver belt I have in my stash as well.

Tights! OMG they make plus size tights! Thank the lord! And the pattern on these ones is beautiful!

A pair of charcoal boots, which incidentally will look awesome over a pair of skinny jeans as well.

And lastly some cute winter accessories like a hat and some gloves that match the rest of the outfit.

Perfect!  So now I need to save up some dough before we shoot our holiday picture so I can look as cute as I’m imagining here haha.   I love the grey, black, red, and white color scheme though—it just screams winter time and coziness to me.  And I also think it’s fun to mix and match different patterns, to give a more interesting final look.  Robb will probably wear all black and maybe a thin red tie if I can manage to convince him to do it, he’s not a “dress up” kinda dude.  He already owns lots of all-black outfits being a photographer and all so he’s easy!

So hopefully in the next two weeks I’ll have some cute Xmas card photo’s to share here!  What do you think about the outfit? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Admission Today!

Hi everyone,

Just stopping by for a (hopefully) final Charlie update for at least the next few weeks!  Sorry if you're getting sick of them!

"Oh you thought I was actually going to wear the mask? Good one, mom!"

So we left off our delightful tale with switching antibiotics to Bactrim.  We did this and the cough improved but was not entirely gone by Tuesday when we went to visit the CF Clinic.  The doctors decided to pull out "the big guns" since the typical antibiotics weren't working as effectively as we had hoped.  The strongest non-IV antibiotic they could offer is something called Levaquin, which is pretty heavy duty.  It also contains some heavy duty side effects like joint pain, tendon tearing, fevers, etc etc.  However, it tends to work really well (they just never offer it as a first resort for various reasons), so we stopped Bactrim and started Levaquin.  If this doesn't work after 2 weeks they'll admit him, but the doctors seemed confident that it would work so I am too :)  In addition we have to continue with "sick plan" (4x treatments per day) and continue doing a slow steroid ween.

This is about half of his meds

So this is Charlie's new medication list

  • Nebulized Albuterol 4x per day (we ran out of the inhaler being on sick plan for so long!)
  • Nebulized Pulmozyme 1x per day
  • Nebulized Pulmicort 4x per day
  • Nebulized TOBI 2x per day
  • 20min Physiotherapy Vest treatments 4x per day
  • 3.7mL Levaquin 2x per day
  • 4 Creon capsules before meals 3x per day
  • Saline spray 3x per day
  • 1 cap Miralax 1x per day
  • 6mL periactin 1x per day
  • 5mL prednisolone 1x per day, every other day
  • 4mL azithromycin 1x per day, MWF
  • 2.5mL Vitamin D 1x per day
  • 2mL AquaADEK 1x per day
  • 4mL pepcid 1x per day
  • 2 containers of culturelle yogurt per day
  • 2 cans of Pediasure 1.5 per day
So that's over 30 doses of medication per day (sometimes less depending on the prednisolone and azithromycin) and about 16 different "medications", if you count the OTC stuff too .  Pretty crazy right?  I don't bring it up to complain, but more out of sheer amazement that one tiny little 3 year old can withstand that huge amount of medication and still be happy as a clam :)  Plus it could be much worse, so we're happy he's not in the hospital for the time being.

One hand holding a nebulizer and a vest shaking his entire body, but he still uses his one free hand to try and make a tower.  Kids got balls.

In addition to not spending Thanksgiving in the hospital we have the go ahead to proceed with our original Thanksgiving plans of flying to Orlando to visit Robb's mother and sister.  Our doctor said the risk of him getting sick is the same in this circumstance or if he was healthy (altho flying during winter is a risk no matter what) so we could still go.  This infection is definitely going to make things a bit harder but I'm sure it will be manageable, maybe we'll just have to do treatments in the airport waiting room...who knows?  I'm sure we'll be getting weird looks from other passengers so ideally we won't have to do that.  We'll try and have Charlie wear a mask during the flight too, but if he does happen to get sick at the worst we will have that hospital admission already lined up for 2 weeks after starting the Levaquin.  But hopefully all those antibiotics in his system will prevent that from happening :)  Charlie has a real knack for timing, between him going to the ER right before our trip to Puerto Rico and now this right before our trip to Orlando!  It's never easy I tell ya ;)

I'm a little nervous about this antibiotic.  It was the first medication we've gotten that had a hold from the pharmacist on it and also came with a full size print out of all the side effects.  Here's a taste of that bad boy:

Reassuring huh?  I really hope there are no permanent or serious side effects, we are keeping a very close eye on Charlie just in case.  If he gets any side effects we'll take him off and switch  him back to the Bactrim.  
So that's the update, hopefully it will be smooth sailing for the next few weeks!!  Thank you so much to everyone that's been asking how Charlie has been doing, it's so thoughtful of you and we are very appreciative that we have such caring friends and family :) 

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Gather Together" Kit Layouts

Hi everyone! As promised I am back to share some layouts with you using Noel Mignon's kit "Gather Together".  LOVE this kit, I made 5 layouts in 6 days-- record time!

Before I get into that I wanted to do a quick Charlie update.  Still coughing, but not as frequent and junky today as they have been the last few weeks.  I'm writing this Sunday night and this is the first day we've seen some improvement so we're hopeful that he'll be fine by Tuesday when his appointment is.  This is Day 4 of his new antibiotic (bactrim) and we're starting to ween him off of his steroids as well.  It'll be a bummer to go back to his normal appetite, it's been AMAZING to see how much he eats with the steroids....been pretty nice not to have to be the food nazi's for a couple days ;) 

Okay, back to the awesome "Gather Together" kit.  This first layout is based on this month's sketch by the fabulous Julie Bonner!  I loved the sketch but putting this layout together was such a challenge for me-- not because of the design but because of the colors, the busy-ness of my photo's, and the fact that I couldn't think of a title.  I eventually overcame each challenge though and love the finished result.  To make sure the patterns didn't blend together I inked all of my patterned paper pieces and added some red and orange sewing along the border to reinforce the color scheme.  My busy photos were getting lost placed on top of the patterned paper so I matted them in white.  Still didn't look right.  Then I matted again in navy blue- perfect! It gave just the right amount of definition.  Lastly, I spent hours figuring out what to do about the title, "Petting Zoo" and "Charlie loves Animals" just seemed stupid to me.  Charlie made me read "the Very Busy Spider" about a thousand times in the past few days so I had all of the farm animal noises clanging around in my head and eventually decided that those would be a perfect and fitting title!  Nice when that happens eh? So this was a stubborn layout to come up with but I am very pleased with the result.

Next up is another layout about our trip to Robb's Farm last year (literally every one of the 5 layouts I made are just photo's from this ONE trip, so many good ones!).  I went with the navy blue and orange color scheme that I've been loving so much in the Persimmon line from Basic Grey.  

And that's it for today!  I hope you liked my layouts and I'll be back to share the other 3 layouts in a week or so and of course I'll keep the blog updated on Charlie bear :)


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wally Lamb in Norwich

I totally classify myself as a book nerd.  I would always have my nose buried in a book until I became pregnant and for some reason I couldn't concentrate enough to read a book any more.  It was SO weird, it happened suddenly and my focus completely disappeared and I have yet to get it back.  Odd right?  Well I still love stories so I have recently found the perfect solution for my lack of attention, long commute, and love of books = audiobooks! I listen to audiobooks on my commute to and from work constantly, and when I'm working on the weekend and no one is around I listen some more.

One book I was really looking forward to listening to was recently released by one of my favorite authors, Wally Lamb.  If you're a book fan you might recognize his name from writing "She's Come Undone", "I Know This Much is True", "The Hour I First Believed" and most recently, "We Are Water".  I love his style and have read his books since I was in high school.

One of the things about these books that you might remember if you're a fan is that they mostly center around a town called Three Rivers in CT.  Three Rivers is a fictional town but it is based on a real town here in CT-- Norwich.  This is the town where Wally Lamb grew up and spent decades teaching at the Norwich Free Academy.   Funnily enough, I've now lived in Norwich for 4 years! Crazy, right? It's so weird listening to his books and knowing exactly what road, or restaurant, or hospital he's talking about.

The weirdest thing to me is that his latest book is about a flood in Norwich that happened in the 60's.  The flood started at Mohegan Park and ended up at the mill in town here in Taftville (a small suburb of Norwich which is where I live).  Literally both of those places are under 5 minutes away from my house.  It's just so crazy to hear a very famous author speak about where I live, even though he was here first of course haha.  Especially since I had no idea about the flood prior to reading his book!

Anyways, Wally Lamb had a speaking engagement at the library here in Norwich last night and I quickly registered to get a seat.  I was glad I did, because a big time famous Oprah's book club author coming back to his hometown sure filled up quickly :)

I really enjoyed listening to him: he was charming, engaging, and very funny.  About 1 minute into him talking I realized I recognized his voice from my audiobook of "We Are Water", he had done the narration for one of the characters and I didn't even realize it!  He spoke a bit about growing up in Norwich and about the flood.  He based the flood in the book from the real 1963 Norwich flood and the Moody family, whose mother died in the flood.  It was very interesting because 2 of the survivors from that family, that were under 2 years old at the time, were in the audience!

It was a very fun night (although I might have been one of the youngest people in attendance...apparently libraries aren't the "cool" place to be on a Friday night? lol) and importantly it helped me get my mind off of Mr. Charlie for an hour so I could stop worrying so darn much!  Anyways, if you haven't read (or listened) to any books written by Wally Lamb I highly recommend his stuff, definitely check him out!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

More Waiting.....

Hi friends!  I'm stopping by to give you all a Charlie update.  I think the last update I gave was about a probable mucus plug and a lingering cough, so we had started an extreme dose of laxatives and sick plan.  Since then Charlie has spent much of his time pooing his cute little brains out (poor guy) but no more blockage so that is definitely good news!  His lingering cough, however, has continued to get worse and worse.  He was put on amoxicillin and after 5 days of his cough worsening he was put on steroids (prednisolone), and after 3 more days of his cough still sounding junky and nasty we were brought in for a chest X ray and sick visit at the CF clinic. 

Charlie makes hospital visits and X rays look goooooood :)

Now it's hard for me to write about this and not feel like we are being "alarmist" about this cough because Charlie is acting FINE.  He's got plenty of energy, is happy, and has been running around like a nut ball this whole time (some of this energy is care of the steroids haha).  And I know that plenty of 3 year olds with CF have a constant "junky" cough as part of their CF and it's not anything to get worked up about.  But I guess the difference that Robb and I are worried about is that Charlie pretty much never has a cough.  I don't know if this is because he hasn't been sick very often because he never went to daycare and/or we're just lucky that he's on the "healthier" end of the CF spectrum thus far.  But now he's had a cough for over a month now, not anything super serious until the last 2 weeks when it's really gotten junky.  Because this is not normal for HIM and the antibiotics and steriods seem to make no difference we are apprehensive and worried.

So anyways, I took the day off yesterday and we headed to the CF Clinic.  We were unsure if Charlie would be admitted or not so I packed up 4 bags with all of his belongings (literally FOUR bags, just for him) including his vest, nebulizer, nebulizer parts, medications, medications on an ice pack, blankie, doggies, books, PJs, sippy cups, etc etc.  Since we've never had to be admitted I had no idea what we needed in terms of medicines and equipment so I erred on the side of caution and brought it all.  For those who have had to do CF admissions: do you bring your own vest? Nebulizer? Medications?

 Playing I-Spy with the pictures in the waiting room

We got there and went to get a chest X ray which was saved by a nurse who has a 3 year old son who was great at getting Charlie to "pose for a picture" despite his desire to hide in a corner.  Then we had a 40 minute wait to be seen at the CF Clinic.  And then 20 minutes of waiting in the room.  I was so nervous because I wanted to just know if he needed to be admitted or not, I've had anxiety over this for the past 2 weeks and just wanted to get it over with.  Finally the doctors came in and we discussed everything.  They asked Charlie to jump around which elicited a big junky cough so they were able to hear what we were talking about.  The X ray didn't show pneumonia- phew!  The final reccomendation was that they wanted to try more outpatient therapies before admission but if we didn't want to wait we could admit him that day. 

I wasn't counting on that.

I assumed they would say either "yes admit him" or "no he's fine".  Not leave the decision to us!  This threw me for a loop, we didn't WANT to admit him but seeing as the oral antibiotic wasn't working it did seem to be a good idea.  I already had all of his things packed.  But if we could avoid a stay in the RSV and Flu filled hospital that would be best.  So Robb and I were torn but mostly leaning on the side of trying everything we could before having to admit him.  Then the decision was made for us because the hospital was filled and there were no beds anyways!  Phew- so admission avoided for now!

It's not an exam table, it's a race track.  Obviously.

The new plan is to try a new antibiotic (Bactrim), start saline spray 3X per day, start his TOBI early, stop the old antibiotic, add a few more doses of steroids, continue his sick plan (4X daily treatments) and give it a few days.  We have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday, and if he is not better than that will be an immediate admission for 14 days.  Hopefully this will all work!  It will be very difficult for everyone involved to do a 14 day hospital stay, especially Charlie.  He is boisterous, energetic, and hates to be still-- so an IV would definitely be a huge challenge.  In addition, Robb and I both work full time and Robb has lots of sidejobs that he does as well, so it will be very difficult to figure that part out.  The hospital is also an hour away from our house, 2 hours from my job, and an hour from Robb's job, so the commuting would definitely be hard. 

But we'll try and stay positive and hope that this new regimen works!  I hate all the waiting, I just want to KNOW already instead of floating in the limbo we've been in for the last 2 weeks.  I certainly appreciate the doctors doing everything in their power to prevent him from having to be admitted, but at the same time all this "try this and wait, now try this and wait, etc" stuff is stressing me the hell out.  To any CF parents out there- can you give any tips for hospital admissions?

Okay, I'll be back with some scrapbook layouts tomorrow for those of you that prefer scrapbooking to CF talk :)  I'll let ya know what happens about admission next week too! 


Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Better and CFF Videos

Hi everyone!  Stopping by to give an update on Mr. Charlie.  He has been going to the bathroom constantly the last few days, which isn't very fun for him...however it's a great sign that we're flushing that mucus plus out of his system!  So yay!  He still has been coughing but he's only been on this new antibiotic for a couple days so we will see.  So far we have a 3 year record of no hospital admissions so I'd prefer to keep that streak going!  Especially since we have a vacation to Florida the week of Thanksgiving, which includes a trip to Sea World :)  I'm getting nervous about the plane because I know he's going to get sick....last trip we took was to WA when he was 18 months old, my grandfather was kind enough to pay for first class tickets and we were really careful about germs and he still got sick after arriving in WA.  And it is NO fun doing quadruple breathing treatments on vacation.  So I'll try and get him to wear a mask, use lots of Purell and cross my fingers.  But anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself!  Hopefully his cough will go away with this new antibiotic, and hopefully he won't get sick on the plane.  There...that's more positive :)

Charlie and Daddy at the park last week, aren't the two of them so handsome? :)

I also wanted to share the link to these video's of Charlie back when he was 6 months old.  I might have posted these already but I can't remember if it was on Facebook or the blog, so sorry if this is a re-post!  They are videos about Infant Care in children with Cystic Fibrosis and Charlie was the "demonstration baby" (for lack of a better term?) for feeding babies enzymes and physiotherapy (or PT).  Charlie was such a bald cutie with that big round face of his :)  All the people in the video are Charlie's doctors, nurses, etc-- except the nutritionist has since left the position.  These videos are up on the website and are also given out as DVDs to newly diagnosed parents around the country, which I think would have been really helpful had it been available at the time.  There is a LOT to learn when your kid is first diagnosed and you need to start medications etc immediately, so I think the video's are probably really helpful if someone is feeling overwhelmed and confused since they can refer back to them over and over. Anyways, check em out, Charlie is in the "Nutrition and Enzyme" video and the "CF Airway Clearance" video, but they're all interesting so I say watch them all!

Funny SN about PT: we have been using the Vest for over a year now but when Charlie coughs my husband and I always do a few hard physiotherapy thumps on his chest to help loosen anything up.  A few nights ago as I was reading him a bedtime story he coughed so I started pounding on his back for a while and he says "What are you doing?" and I told him "Trying to help you cough" and he goes "No no, you're doing PT!".  Haha!  I was shocked he remembered the name for it since it's been so long and even when we did perform manual PT he never said anything about it.  Just thought that was cute!  He's starting to understand his CF more lately which has been nice.  He asks for his enzymes before he starts eating and he's really pretty good about doing his treatments and holding his nebulizer up, even if getting him to sit down is sometimes a challenge ("No... no treatment mommy.  No thanks.  Not right now, I'm busy" lol).  I found a few books on Amazon about CF for preschoolers and thought I would buy those and start reading them to him.

ANNNNNYways.  I have quite a few scrappy type projects coming up in the near future and some layouts to share, but it will have to wait for another day!  Happy Monday friends!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Near Miss to the ER and Flashing My Pharmacist

Hi everyone! Let me just say that the last 24 hours have been ridiculous.  It all started with my dear son, Charlie.....

Charlie has CF, as you know, and one of the more serious side effects of CF can sometimes be intestinal blockages (all the mucus gums up his intestines and blocks the way).  In fact 20% of newborns with CF have a condition called meconium ileus (which is the meconium getting stuck and blocking the intestines) and require bowel surgery, and meconium ileus is a very likely indicator that a baby has CF.  Luckily Charlie did not have this as a newborn but we are pretty vigilant about keeping track of his BM's and such to make sure he doesn't get backed up.  BTW this post is pretty poop heavy, so consider yourself warned and leave now if you don't like it haha.

Over the past month or so Charlie hasn't been going consistently like he used to, so we were told to start using a laxative to help keep things moving and if he goes more than a day without pooping to call it in.  We started this about 3 weeks ago and haven't really seen a huge difference. This past Monday he went around 830am but then by Wednesday afternoon he still hadn't gone so we gave the CF center a call.  They called back and told us to bring him to the emergency room for an X ray because there was likely an intestinal blockage so Robb left work early and rushed home.  On the way home our nanny called and told us that he had a very small #2 so Robb called back the CF center to tell them and they said we wouldn't have to go the emergency room after all.  PHEW, good timing Charlie!  They think he still has a mucus plug blocking up his system but it's not fully blocking it, so instead of the ER Charlie was put on a heavy dose of laxatives to flush out the plug.  OH also, he's been coughing and snotty for a month now so we told them about that and now he's on sick plan and a new antibiotic as well.  SOOOOO for the next week or two Charlie's schedule looks like this

1 cap of Miralax (this is an adult dosage)
2mL of Milk of Magnesia
4 Creon Pills + Breakfast

3-5 puffs of albuterol
1 vial of pulmozyme via nebulizer
1 vial of pulmicort via nebulizer
20 minutes of Vest therapy

4 Creon Pills + Lunch

3-5 puffs of albuterol
1 vial of pulmicort via nebulizer
20 minutes of Vest therapy  


1 cap of Miralax
2mL of Milk of Magnesia

3-5 puffs of albuterol
1 vial of pulmicort via nebulizer
20 minutes of Vest therapy  

3-5 puffs of albuterol
1 vial of pulmicort via nebulizer
20 minutes of Vest therapy  

4 Creon Pills + Dinner
6mL Periactin
4mL Pepcid
2mL Aqua ADEK
2.5mL D-Vi-Sol
6mL new antibiotic (I don't even remember what it is)
4mL Zithromycin MWF

UGH.  Poor kiddo, all that time in between treatments, meals, and meds will probably be spent on the potty
 :(  Sounds like a good time for a 3 year old eh?  Plus we had to call him out of preschool this AM and they were going to meet a fireman!  Oh well, at least it's an off-TOBI month so his treatments are 30 minutes shorter than they are when we're on a TOBI cycle.

So moving on, since Robb didn't have to go to the ER he stopped and got Milk of Magnesia on the way home and started him on that.  On my way home I stopped at our pharmacy and picked up his new antibiotic prescription so we could give that to him right away too.  I figured since I was there it was the perfect time to get my flu shot.  I'm a wimp about needles (which is odd considering I've had 12 piercings...) so I was kind of distracted as I pulled down the side of my sweater to expose my shoulder for the shot.  I was chatting with the pharmacist for a few minutes when I looked down and realized I had pulled down the tank top I was wearing under my sweater as well and my entire fucking bra was showing!  Like completely exposed boobies.  OMG I was mortified.  Then I got my shot like a wimp, ran the fuck out of there, got home (to which Charlie said "NO MOMMY! GO AWAY" which has become his favorite greeting lately), gave Charlie his meds, read him books, put him to bed, and promptly started worrying about what would happen if he didn't go to the bathroom the next day (thankfully the laxatives have started working this AM).

And that's where we are at.  I hate how quickly CF changes everything.  One day everything is fine and the next day all the shit hits the fan.  Oh well! At least he's not in the hospital and at least we can manage everything from home, so I'm grateful for that.

Speaking of hating needles, I'm on my way to donate blood today.  I'll try not to flash the phlebotomist but no promises....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apple and Cranberry Crisp

Hi peoples! I'm stopping by today to share a recipe for an apple and cranberry crisp that I made yesterday which was delicious!  This means I got excused from Jury Duty- thank goodness!  I used the apples that Charlie and I picked from our trip to Lyman Orchards :)  This crisp recipe is easily modified for any in season fruit, this summer I made it using peaches and strawberries as the filling (just omit the spices used here) and it was equally yummy. 


6-8 large to medium apples (Charlie and I were picking apples based on color, so we used a variety)
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 cup light brown sugar
1 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup quick cooking oatmeal
2 sticks of butter, chilled and diced
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/2 cup dried cranberries

1. Peel and medium dice the apples

2. Mix apples with lemon juice, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 2 tbsp flour, cranberries, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp ground ginger, and 1/4 tsp salt.  Mix and set aside for 5-10 minutes.

3. For the crust: Combine remaining flour, sugar, brown sugar, salt, oatmeal, and butter and mix using the paddle on an electric mixer until the butter is pea sized.

4. Add the apples to a baking dish and pour the crust on top (you might have extra topping leftover).  Press down firmly (Charlie was a good helper with this part)

5. Cook at 350C for 45 minutes until crust is brown and caramel bubbles over the top.

6. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream, enjoy!

Promise- this recipe is so good! The sugar and butter melt down to make this amazing caramel that coats the apples and the top is nice and crispy.  MMMMMmmmm! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Noel Mignon Subscriptions Available!

Hi everyone! I'm stopping by today to share some news-- today is the LAST day to sign up for your Noel Mignon subscriptions!  EEEK!  Better head on over and secure yours because her kits are AMAZING!

You of course have heard me talk about Noel's kits for yearssssss (since way before I was on the DT) because I love them so much! I don't know why anyone would bother with any other kit club when the perfect kit is available every month through Noel ;)  Here's an example of this month's kit, Gather Together (which might be my all time favorite).

Isn't it just perfect???!!  I cannot WAIT to get started with this baby :)  Each of Noel's kits have so many goodies to play with- minimum of 20 sheets of pp, 5 sheets of cardstock, 2 alphabet sets, many awesome interchangeable pieces from month to month like mist/pens/ink pads, ribbon/washi, buttons/brads, stamp set, and lots of embellishments like shaped paper clips, flair, die cuts, transparancies, tags, journaling cards, flowers, wood veneers, and so much more.  The kits are jam packed and the best value out there.  So make sure you pick up your subscription today!!  Subscriptions are for 6 months and you will save you $6 per month!  Yay!  I hear some people say NM might be too expensive but when you factor in never having to buy ANYTHING else (like those darn add on kits) they're really the same price as most kit clubs + addons.  Except you don't have to worry about things selling out in a matter of hours because your kit is already at your doorstep before it's even available to the general public.  Pretty great, right?

Okay that's it for today, I'll be back soon to share an amazing apple and cranberry crisp recipe I made today that was delightful! I'm supposed to go in for jury duty tomorrow (which is my flipping day off!) so hopefully I'll call tonight and they won't need me.  I don't mind doing my civic duty, in fact at all my other jobs that were M-F I would have loved a week of jury duty, but now that I work W-Sunday it's going to be really shitty doing jury duty on my "weekend" and still having to go to work Sat-Sun.  So I'm being a bad citizen and hoping that I don't get called.  And if I don't get called perhaps I'll have time to share that recipe ;)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Hi everyone!! I'm just here today to share some photo's from our fun Halloween yesterday.  Charlie was an astronaut, and a darn cute one too!  We got him a little astronaut costume and boots, he kept saying he was "space", even though he knows what an astronaut is haha, and he called his boots "rocket shoes".  So funny!

I had to work yesterday but since Halloween is Robb's birthday he took the day off and was able to get some cute pictures of Charlie at his preschool Halloween parade.  All the little 3 year olds dressed up and went marching down the street banging on instruments and then went back to school and sang songs.  It looked adorable!

I left work a little early so once I got home we did a treatment for Charlie and got him dressed up again.  I found a fancy yet kid friendly restaurant in Old Lyme, CT to celebrate Robb's birthday so we headed there.  It was really yummy and Charlie was very well behaved (thank you iPad)!

Afterwards we had planned to go to Old Saybrook and trick or treat down there (our town is a little "rought" for trick or treating if ya know what I mean) but happened to see a big hoopla going down on Main Street in Old Lyme so we just decided to park there and check it out.  We walked up and down the street for quite a ways stopping at all the huge houses along the way, it was really fun! The houses were decorated and almost everyone was wearing a costume.  The street was filled with families and throngs of teenagers running around having fun, and I was shocked how polite the teenagers were!  Plus it had just stopped raining so it was actually WARM out, 63F, when typically it's been in the 40's at night-- what luck! I love seeing kiddo's in costumes so I had fun checking out all the outfits, although one girl was about 6 years old and wearing a TOILET costume.  WHY???  WHY would you let your little girl leave the house dressed as a toilet?!?!?!  I thought that was absurd, but everything else was cute!  I didn't get any good pictures because it was dark out by the time we started.  We got home around 830 and Charlie was beat, I was beat, and Robb was beat.  I fell asleep on the couch within the hour ;).  It was still a great day though, I LOVE Halloween!!