Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding the Perfect Christmas Card Outfits

Hi everyone! I’m here to share my thoughts on Christmas card outfits for this year!  I got the cutest things for Mr. Charlie to wear for our little photo shoot which will be in the next few weeks sometime.  Charlie will be decked out in some cute Old Navy clothes which I fell in love with.  His cute little mug works really well with the old fashioned vibe (my dad calls him “vintage boy” haha must be those big eyes he has) so he’ll be wearing suspenders, a bow tie, red plaid shirt, and a tweed blazer.  Adorable?  I think so!

 The actual shirt is different than this but it's sold out so this is the closest I could find.  It's actually a bigger plaid with red and gray and a big fat red bow tie :)

So of course I need some cute matching clothes to go with it and I found a really cute plus size online shopping mall called One Stop Plus to get my outfit.  It’s a pretty neat idea, they take all the plus size websites out there (like Roaman’s, where I got my last autumn haul haha) and consolidates them into one place where you can purchase from any of the stores.  Pretty sweet, so I spent some time perusing the merchandise and this is what I have come up with to match my little Charlie man.

This awesome herringbone coat….I am in love with this pattern, aren’t you? I love it on my clothes and in my scrapbooking supplies too lol

This super cute polka dot skirt, I love a short skirt!  I can’t help it, I like to show off my legs J

A simple red sweater since the skirt is pretty busy, but this one has a nice pattern on it.  I may add a silver belt I have in my stash as well.

Tights! OMG they make plus size tights! Thank the lord! And the pattern on these ones is beautiful!

A pair of charcoal boots, which incidentally will look awesome over a pair of skinny jeans as well.

And lastly some cute winter accessories like a hat and some gloves that match the rest of the outfit.

Perfect!  So now I need to save up some dough before we shoot our holiday picture so I can look as cute as I’m imagining here haha.   I love the grey, black, red, and white color scheme though—it just screams winter time and coziness to me.  And I also think it’s fun to mix and match different patterns, to give a more interesting final look.  Robb will probably wear all black and maybe a thin red tie if I can manage to convince him to do it, he’s not a “dress up” kinda dude.  He already owns lots of all-black outfits being a photographer and all so he’s easy!

So hopefully in the next two weeks I’ll have some cute Xmas card photo’s to share here!  What do you think about the outfit? Any suggestions?

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