Monday, November 18, 2013

"Gather Together" Kit Layouts

Hi everyone! As promised I am back to share some layouts with you using Noel Mignon's kit "Gather Together".  LOVE this kit, I made 5 layouts in 6 days-- record time!

Before I get into that I wanted to do a quick Charlie update.  Still coughing, but not as frequent and junky today as they have been the last few weeks.  I'm writing this Sunday night and this is the first day we've seen some improvement so we're hopeful that he'll be fine by Tuesday when his appointment is.  This is Day 4 of his new antibiotic (bactrim) and we're starting to ween him off of his steroids as well.  It'll be a bummer to go back to his normal appetite, it's been AMAZING to see how much he eats with the steroids....been pretty nice not to have to be the food nazi's for a couple days ;) 

Okay, back to the awesome "Gather Together" kit.  This first layout is based on this month's sketch by the fabulous Julie Bonner!  I loved the sketch but putting this layout together was such a challenge for me-- not because of the design but because of the colors, the busy-ness of my photo's, and the fact that I couldn't think of a title.  I eventually overcame each challenge though and love the finished result.  To make sure the patterns didn't blend together I inked all of my patterned paper pieces and added some red and orange sewing along the border to reinforce the color scheme.  My busy photos were getting lost placed on top of the patterned paper so I matted them in white.  Still didn't look right.  Then I matted again in navy blue- perfect! It gave just the right amount of definition.  Lastly, I spent hours figuring out what to do about the title, "Petting Zoo" and "Charlie loves Animals" just seemed stupid to me.  Charlie made me read "the Very Busy Spider" about a thousand times in the past few days so I had all of the farm animal noises clanging around in my head and eventually decided that those would be a perfect and fitting title!  Nice when that happens eh? So this was a stubborn layout to come up with but I am very pleased with the result.

Next up is another layout about our trip to Robb's Farm last year (literally every one of the 5 layouts I made are just photo's from this ONE trip, so many good ones!).  I went with the navy blue and orange color scheme that I've been loving so much in the Persimmon line from Basic Grey.  

And that's it for today!  I hope you liked my layouts and I'll be back to share the other 3 layouts in a week or so and of course I'll keep the blog updated on Charlie bear :)


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