Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Hi everyone!! I'm just here today to share some photo's from our fun Halloween yesterday.  Charlie was an astronaut, and a darn cute one too!  We got him a little astronaut costume and boots, he kept saying he was "space", even though he knows what an astronaut is haha, and he called his boots "rocket shoes".  So funny!

I had to work yesterday but since Halloween is Robb's birthday he took the day off and was able to get some cute pictures of Charlie at his preschool Halloween parade.  All the little 3 year olds dressed up and went marching down the street banging on instruments and then went back to school and sang songs.  It looked adorable!

I left work a little early so once I got home we did a treatment for Charlie and got him dressed up again.  I found a fancy yet kid friendly restaurant in Old Lyme, CT to celebrate Robb's birthday so we headed there.  It was really yummy and Charlie was very well behaved (thank you iPad)!

Afterwards we had planned to go to Old Saybrook and trick or treat down there (our town is a little "rought" for trick or treating if ya know what I mean) but happened to see a big hoopla going down on Main Street in Old Lyme so we just decided to park there and check it out.  We walked up and down the street for quite a ways stopping at all the huge houses along the way, it was really fun! The houses were decorated and almost everyone was wearing a costume.  The street was filled with families and throngs of teenagers running around having fun, and I was shocked how polite the teenagers were!  Plus it had just stopped raining so it was actually WARM out, 63F, when typically it's been in the 40's at night-- what luck! I love seeing kiddo's in costumes so I had fun checking out all the outfits, although one girl was about 6 years old and wearing a TOILET costume.  WHY???  WHY would you let your little girl leave the house dressed as a toilet?!?!?!  I thought that was absurd, but everything else was cute!  I didn't get any good pictures because it was dark out by the time we started.  We got home around 830 and Charlie was beat, I was beat, and Robb was beat.  I fell asleep on the couch within the hour ;).  It was still a great day though, I LOVE Halloween!!

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