Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Christmas Card

Hi everyone! I'm sharing our Christmas card this year which I LOVE!  Robb's photos are so beautiful and we found a pretty great design/printer too.  Check em out (these are scanned so the pictures aren't the best quality but they do look really pretty in person!)



We used the company Minted for the first time.  They had amazing designs and I really liked that the cards came with wrap-around address labels, envelopes, and you had the option to print on both sides.   The best part was that we received our order in FOUR days.  I couldn't believe it, and they did a great job.

 Aren't those wrap around address labels so cute?? And of course I made Robb go out and get Christmas stamps :p

Here are our last 2 Christmas cards (I think we skipped doing cards when Charlie was 1 because we were low on the cash flow if ya KWIM).  I usually scrap my cards but for some reason never scanned them in by themselves (that was stupid), so I only have pictures of the layouts with the cards in it.

2010: 4 Months Old

2011: 16 Months Old (No $$)

2012: ~ 2 Years Old

And of course I wanted to share some almost all of the beautiful photos that Robb took (he always does a great job!), it was SO HARD choosing which ones to use for the Christmas card! Pardon the photo overload--

Love this boy!! You can see how much fun he's having just running around outside and I love that.  Sorry for the photo bomb, I can't help myself ;)

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