Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf of the Shelf Mini Album

Hi everyone! You might recognize this project from Shimelle's blog, where I posted a tutorial for making this mini album.  If you're interested in a great way to make sturdy mini album covers from scratch I definitely recommend you check out the post HERE.

We usually have a few holiday traditions but certainly not enough for a whole December Daily Album, but I was itching to make a Christmas mini this year so I decided to pull out my Elf on a Shelf photos and just make a small mini about those.  Easy peasy, plus I used all my leftover Noel Mignon December kits and made the album myself so it was freeee!  I kept it really basic, I didn't worry about orientation of photos since the album is quite small and easy to flip around in your hands.  For the most part I kept the focus on the photos and added some journaling here or there, the whole project came together in only a night or two :)

Here's my final product, and since you were of COURSE wondering- our elf's name is Frederick and he has graced us with his presence again this year ;)

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  1. That is SOOOO cute!! It is our first year doing Elf On The Shelf (with Miss 8). Mother-in-law bought one back from their trip to USA (is not really a New Zealand thing) but I think it's a gorgeous idea so we plan to have fun with it while Miss 8 still believes (which may not be much longer). Your album is GORGEOUS and is a fantastic idea that I may have to steal haha!


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