Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding a Christmas Tree

Heyo!  I'm back for Day 3 of my Christmas themed blog post week thingy.  If I was a good blogger I'd have an official title and logo and stuff but I'm not so the best you're gonna get is "blog post week thingy".  Sorry about that.


I'm just swinging by to share some pictures from when we went to pick out our Christmas tree this year.  Every year Robb tries to convince me to get a fake tree and every year I am ADAMANT that we must have a real tree. And then he tries to get me to pick a tiny real tree.  And I pick a huge one instead that barely fits in the house.  So this year we tried to get a regular sized tree that would still look nice but actually fit under our low ceilings (it's so hard to judge height when you're outside!). 

Maple Lane Farms in Preston, CT-- so pretty!! 
This is the first year that we went to chop down our own tree but we found an amazing farm just minutes from our house so we headed there.  I also figured that since it was a fun Christmas activity it would be the perfect opportunity to get some Christmas card photos of Mr. Charlie, so I tried to dress him up in his suspenders and bow tie but he totally wasn't having it (despite trying to bribe him with hotwheels).  Luckily I had a feeling that might happen and had a back up outfit. 

 hahaha that face...

Robb's pictures are so beautiful- I'll share them tomorrow along with our 2013 Xmas card photos!

Then of course we came home and put ornaments on the tree.  Fun times!!

The finished product! Charlie got really into ornaments and the star on top of the tree this year, he's finally starting to "get" Christmas and it's so fun!

See you tomorrow!

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