Monday, December 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Hi everyone! Well, we made it to Kissimmee and back in one piece, yay!  Robb's mother was nice enough to fly all 3 of us out to Florida this year for Thanksgiving so we spent Monday-Saturday at her house.  I always forget how CRAZY Florida is, especially around Disney which is where we were.  I mean SO crowded, there are no open spaces and so many people- I don't know how the natives stand it!

We had to wake up super early to get to the airport in time for our flight, but Charlie was a trooper and stayed up from 5am to 7pm that whole day!   Here are Robb and Charlie about ready to leave, we had to peel off those winter layers pretty quickly once we were in Florida :)

This is the second time Charlie's been on a plane, the first being when he was a year old and it was pure misery.  This time was SO much easier.  He just sat there and watched TV most of the time, or played on his iPad.  There were definitely some tantrums here and there but he was mostly just excited to go on an airplane so that overtook the majority of his emotions.

We spent some time with Charlie's grandma and aunt at the house that first day and afterwards we went to Fun Spot.  We didn't have a lot of money so this place worked out perfectly for us.  We were thinking spending $250 on Disney tickets would be a waste of money for our situation since we would have to come home after a few hours to do his breathing treatments anyways (he was on "sick plan" still during this trip meaning 3-4 breathing treatments per day plus it was a TOBI month).  FunSpot was only $30 for Charlie and $10 for a "Chaperone" bracelet for Robb and they had SO much stuff to do.  In particular, the boys were obsessed with the Go-karts.  We ended up coming here 2 days in a row because Charlie loved them so much!  They also had lots of little rides perfect for kids Charlie's age, and it wasn't too crowded at all-- highly recommend going there if you need something cheap to do for kids in Kissimmee!  I took most of the pictures with Robb's camera so I don't have many to share yet, but this iPhone pic of the boys in the Go-Kart is pretty darn cute :)

We also spent some time at Downtown Disney (because no admission fee is a good thing!).  We played at the Lego store, which Charlie LOVED.  Santa might be bringing him lots of lego's for Xmas this year :)  We also ate at the Dinosaur restaurant down there which we thought Charlie would love but he was really pretty indifferent and just wanted to go back on the Go-Karts haha.

Sweet ink bro- an airbrush tattoo of Dash from the Incredibles

And then it was Thanksgiving so I spent the day cooking side dishes for the 5 of us--Robb and I weren't invited to the big family Thanksgiving we had initially planned on attending because of some idiocy and high drama caused by some of his other FL family members.  But we actually had a really nice laid back Thanksgiving plus there were no adults acting like children, so it was a win-win in my book.  Minus the fact that one of my Blue Apron Thanksgiving boxes didn't arrive and I had to go and buy all the ingredients last minute (GRRR).  But it all worked out fine!

 hehehe these two taking it easy before dinner was even served :)

One of our fav comedians of all time, Louis CK...hilarious!

After Thanksgiving we spent some time at a Dave and Busters and then spent 2 HOURS stuck in traffic trying to get home.....I effin hate Black Friday, good lord.  Who the hell has that kind of money to spend hundreds of dollars buying presents at once anyways? 

And then it was time to come back to CT!  The airport was a mad house on Saturday but we got there early enough to get through security and still get a bite of lunch.  Here's Charlie looking cute playing with his iPad at lunch :)

I'm very glad to be home, I'm really introverted....meaning that I get kind of stressed out constantly being around people, crowds, and loud noises....all of which Kissimmee has in spades!  So after a few days of constant crowds and noise and not having a way to be alone to "recharge" I was getting really stressed out and cranky.  Robb doesn't understand this but any other introverts out there get it?  It's exhausting sometimes, right?  

Anyways!  You guys might be looking for a Charlie update of some sort as well but I don't really have one.  He's still on 4x daily breathing treatments and the levaquin antibiotic.  His cough is mostly gone: he coughs a few times a day but typically they are dry coughs and my guess is that it's because his throat is dry from all the treatments.  He only has about 1-2 junky coughs per day, if that, and he's been gaining weight like nobody's business.  He has a scratchy throat but I think that's to be expected with all the nebulized medications he's been having to take.  Thankfully he hasn't gotten sick from the plane rides so I'm going to call his CF center tomorrow and see if we can go back to our usual twice daily breathing treatments.  I also thought maybe I'd do a post about traveling with a CF toddler, planning ideas, tips, and tricks, etc.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll be back all this week with more posts and scrappy projects to share :)


  1. From one introvert to another, I TOTALLY get where you're coming from! Sometimes I can feel really bad about needing my alone time, but boy, do I need it. Even my family can be too much for me at times. Enjoy your downtime - recharge them batteries!

  2. Nice Blog..Your son is looking very cute & all pictures are lovely..hope you both had a great fun there!


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