Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Hello friends!  I hope you have all had an amazing holiday this week!!  We had a really nice Christmas Eve and Christmas this year-- now that Charlie is 3 he's really starting to "get" Christmas and it was so cute to see him all excited finally.  We decided to pack up and head to my mom and dad's house for Christmas eve and Christmas morning since they usually have a Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning brunch.  It was INSANE packing up the dogs and their supplies, Charlie and all of his supplies, all the Xmas presents and stuff for Robb and myself, but it was really fun to stay there for Christmas.  My mom is a much better decorator than I am and her house is so festive!

Here are a few snapshots of Charlie waiting to go downstairs to check out his presents and Christmas morning :)

"You let me out of this room so I can go get my presents or I will attack you with this rainstick!!"

Charlie of course got spoiled rotten this year!  He got an electric motorcycle from his Aunt Peggy and more monster trucks and lego sets than I can count haha.  He also got some adorable clothes I can't wait to dress him up in :)

Here's what Robb and I got him from Amazon this year (we're Amazon junkies, it's just so darn easy):

Take Apart Airplane: this toy is so cool! it comes with a little drill so you can unscrew the nuts and bolts to take the plane apart and put it back together.

Wallet: Charlie has been big into money and coins lately so we filled his wallet with a few quarters and a dollar bill and he thought that was pretty neat :)

LEGO Storage Tower: I tend to refuse to buy big messy toys unless they have a storage solution, so when we decided to get Charlie lego's this year I made sure to buy someplace to put them all! This is a nice tower, we put different legos into each drawer so he had lots of fun opening it.

LEGO Wheels: Charlie loves to make cars out of LEGOs so I thought this huge set of wheels would be just right

LEGO Bricks: Basic staple lego set, I looked around everywhere to find the cheapest set with the most pieces and this baby was it!

Monster Truck LEGOs: And a just for fun monster truck lego set, maybe we'll pull out this one tonight :)

Space Set: Last but not least Charlie asked for space sets.  He's big into rocket ships and astronauts lately so we knew he'd like this (also he saw the same set at the airport in FL a month ago and had a huge tantrum when we wouldn't buy it for him haha)

We had a great Christmas and I hope you did too!! Now onto the boring boring and cold months of winter....BOO!

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