Monday, December 9, 2013

The Tale of Christmas Fish

Hello everyone! This week I've decided is going to be all about Cyr Family Christmas Stuff in one capacity or another.  Silly stories, holiday traditions, and Christmas photos-- that kinda thing.  Sound fun?  Of course it does.  Now today's Christmas themed installment is the tale of Christmas Fish.

Christmas Fish is a concept invented by my husband approximately one week ago.  It all started with our hammock.  A little background....

My dad owns a sheet metal shop and is also an artist and inventor (pretty cool dude).  He makes big metal sculptures, really awesome and detailed car drawings, and he even invented a patented kayak cart.  Make sure you check out his stuff HERE.

Anyways- this is all relevant to the Christmas Fish story, I promise. When Robb and I bought our house my Dad surprised us with one of us inventions/sculptures -- a fish shaped hammock holder dubbed "The Haddock Hammock"....which is obviously awesome.  They're for sale if you want one too, and of course you do.  This is what they look like:

Obviously we can't use the Haddock Hammock in the winter but last week Robb had a stroke of "genius" (I'm still not sure if that's the right word....) and came up with a new use for our Haddock Hammock. Christmas Fish!!!  Yes that's right, he wanted to drag the fish to our front lawn right next to the road, wrap the whole thing in Christmas lights, and BOOM- Christmas Fish.

To say Robb was excited about this idea is an understatement.  He kept asking Charlie alllll day "are you excited for Christmas Fish?! OMG Christmas Fish-- YAY!".  He got so into it that he even came up with a Christmas Fish song and a Christmas Fish story.  Here's the official Christmas Fish story Robb posted on Facebook

The Tale of Christmas Fish
by Robb Cyr

The Tale of Christmas Fish is as old as time itself. There was a little boy who lived on the shore but was very far away from the towns lighthouse. He was worried that at Christmas time, Santa would not be able to find his house. One day the boy was fishing with his father and caught a large and rather shiny fish. The boy had an idea....He asked the fish if he could sit outside of his house and reflect the light from a small lantern straight into the sky so Santa would be able to find his house. The fish, being a fish and all, didn't have much else to do and agreed to help the boy. Sure enough, on Christmas Eve Santa arrived in town near the lighthouse. He delivered all of his toys to the boys and girls, packed up his sleigh and started on to the next place. As his sleigh lifted higher and higher, what do you think he saw? He saw a small twinkling light in the distance...IT WAS THE LARGE AND RATHER SHINY FISH! Santa went to the twinkling light and landed on the boys house. After Santa finished dropping off the toys, He thanked the fish for getting his attention, and asked the fish if he would help other boys and girls in dimly lit areas so that he wouldn't miss their houses. The fish, being a fish and all, didn't have much else to do and agreed to help Santa.


And of course Charlie is all excited about Christmas Fish now and thinks it's a real thing that people celebrate.  So it looks like we have a new tradition in our household.  So if you're driving around CT and come upon a random gigantic lit-up fish in someone's front yard, now you know why.

Shine on, Christmas Fish, shine on...

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