Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Could It Be?

Hello friends! I'm continuing my week of Cyr Family Christmas with a plea for some help.  My crazy husband has been all kinds of arrogant about my present this year- insisting he did a great job and I'm going to love it oh soooo much.  He decided to give me a hint to further rub it in that I have no clue what it is.  This is the hint:

"You'll be cleaning your way to a new YOU!"

and the secondary hint is

"It's gonna have EVERYTHING"

Not really great hints in my opinion as they doesn't help me at all haha but Robb and Charlie kept saying it over and over and giggling and pointing so I decided to videotape the two of them.  They are so funny, and I think they'd make a great informercial team although I don't know what they'd be selling haha.

Anyways, since then Robb has told me it's a program called "cleaner-cise" which is a combination cleaning and exercise program (just what every busy mom wants, right?).  I'm sure he was joking, but I did a google search just to be safe and it didn't show up so I think I'm in the clear haha.  Robb has also assured me it's not any of the following (which is too bad as I like all of the following very much!): dinner at a nice restaurant, cheese/charcuterie of the month club, or a fish tank (you'd think the inventor of Christmas Fish would be all about a fish tank for Christmas, right?).  I'm also pretty sure he ordered whatever it is from Amazon.

These two boys keep going on and on about it and it's driving me crazy, what can I say- I'm a present peek-er.  Far too impatient haha!  So any ideas??

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