Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five on Thursday

Well, I promised I would stop by with an update for ya so I'm doing a Five on Thursday even though I know it's technically supposed to be "Five on Friday" and I'm also supposed to have a cutesy little graphic to go along with it.  But I don't cause I'm a shitty blogger.  Truth.  I guess as a fair warning I'm feeling a bit.....cranky and whiny about the last few weeks.  So this "five on thursday" will probably read as cranky and whiny.  Consider yourself warned....

1. Charlie's visit to the ER

A few Saturday's ago Robb was watching Charlie (because I work on the weekends) and had to put him in timeout.  Whilst in timeout our genius little boy decided to start picking at the paint along the railing of the stairs.  This resulted in a huge paint chip getting wedged under his thumbnail, literally ALL the way to the cuticle.  It looked SO painful, it was a good thing I wasn't there because I wouldn't have been able to do a damn thing to help lol.  I'm sparing you the photo (you're welcome) but it's gross, trust.  Anyways, after Robb couldn't get it out the ped said to go to the ER.  So off they went to sit and wait and wait and wait, luckily they got a private room because of the CF.  Eventually the doctor came, numbed up his thumb, and got the paint chip out.  I'm grateful it wasn't a big deal, but that has got to be the stupidest reason for an ER visit ever, right?

2. Suicidal Deer

As you know, I have an hour commute each way to work and most of that time is spent on backroads.  Sunday night I was driving home on a empty wooded road about 10 minutes away from my house when all of a sudden I hear a huge crash and my car swerves to the right.  Next thing I see is a stupid deer head (you could just tell it was stupid) in the bottom of my windshield.  The stupid deer literally ran right into my freaking car out of no where! I kept on driving because my car wasn't totaled and there was no where to easily pull over.  Plus there wasn't much to do anyways, I'm quite sure the deer was dead (cough deserved it cough).  Once I got home I got a flashlight and could observe the damage.  Literally EVERY panel on the left side of my car along with my back bumper is dented, my rearview mirror is broken, and I can only open the drivers side door about 10 inches (which means I could barely get out).  If you want to know my feelings on deer I invite you to watch this clip of the comedian Louis CK discussing how he hates deer (it's super hilarious and worth watching, but a bit dirty).  I hated deer before they rammed my car, and now I double hate them.  I'm grateful I wasn't hurt and all, but seriously that has got to be the dumbest deer ever, right?

3. Rental Cars

UGH! I hate my rental car.  I miss my OLD car (wahhhh).  that deer is such an asshole.  Reasons I don't like my rental? No USB port to charge my phone. No remote start (this is a biggie with the polar vortex and all). It's far too low to the ground. It drives funny.  It's not as good in the snow.  I'm grateful that it's covered by insurance, but rental cars are a total PIA, right?

My arch enemy, Pseudomonas aeruginosa

4. Microbial Invasions

Oh irony of ironies.  I work all day with the same bacteria that are constantly infecting my son's mucus filled lungs.  Had I realized this would be the case I probably would not have taken the job, but that's neither here nor there.  So I'm surrounded by staph aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and other stinky nasties at work and then wage antibiotic warfare on them at home.  (I feel the need to state that there has never been any cross contamination between work and home.  Charlie cultured both pseudomonas and staph prior to my working at this job and has actually cultured negative for both lately).  While this coincidence occassionally lends to the lame workplace joke (ie Co-worker: "Man, I can't get my pseudomonas to grow!" Cassie: "Ask Charlie, he's great at growing it in his lungs" hardy har har) I do get awful sick of bacteria.  In particular, we've had some nasty cold bug infecting our house in the last week.  First Robb picked it up from a co-worker and was really sick for a couple days.  A few days later I got it, and I've been sick for a few days as well, with a lingering cough that keeps making me pee my pants.  Having a 9 lb baby sure is grand on the bladder.  ANYWAYS.  Charlie had a runny nose and cough for a few days which we treated with sick plan but he seems to be all better now.  I'm grateful it wasn't something more serious, but how annoying can bacteria be sometimes, right?

5. Weight Watchers

One of my (many) New Years Resolutions is the classic and cliche weight loss.  I've gained like a mo fo these past few months so I need to get that shit under control.  Since WW has always worked really well for me I decided to sign up and start going.  My first week I've already lost 4.6 pounds :) Everyone else was losing 5 lbs in their 4th weeks which was totally annoying but 4.6 isn't anything to complain about so I'll do my best not to haha.  I'll post more about this in a few months when I have progress to actually share.  In the meantime I've become addicted (again) to Starbucks Chai.  I always have plenty of points leftover at the end of the day and a small nonfat Chai is only 4 points, so I'm kind of obsessed.  I'm grateful there's not a Starbucks directly on my route to work or else I'd go there everyday!  But also, how stupid is it that there's not a Starbucks on my route to work so I can go there everyday, right?

So there you have it! Now I bet you're wishing I did these wonderul, fun, and upbeat posts every week right?  haha :)  Anyways, I haven't shared many pictures of my Charlie man lately so here are a few cute ones from the last few days-- enjoy!

 The many face of Charlie, taken by my hubby last weekend

 Charlie wearing my boots around looking funny

Charlie cleaning his nebulizer parts (it's a whole darn process, believe me...we have to bleach our the sink, soak in soapy hot water, rinse rinse rinse, drain, air dry, and store in clean Ziploc bags.  It's a minimum of 5 nebulizers, 5 pieces each, per day, so 25 nebulizer pieces per day adds up to a lot of washing).  He actually loves to help clean right now so he was having a blast washing the bubbles off.  Let's hope this helpful stage continues!

Speaking of cleaning, Charlie prefers to practice his deadman's float naked in the tub.  It's obviously the best place for that sort of thing.

Anyways! This has become long and rambly, so I'll let you get back to your day, see you soon!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Make Ahead Meals- An Announcement :)

ETA: My new e-Book, “Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes that Make Dinner Quick and Easy” is finally up for sale! The book is both a step by step guide to getting started with freezer meals and a cookbook. The book contains over 50 recipes and printables for inventory tracking, labels, and grocery lists. All of the recipes use whole foods and each recipe lists the calorie content per serving (most are less than 500 calories per serving). This book will show you the best way to make and cook healthy and cost efficient freezer meals from start to finish! For more information please CLICK HERE, the book can be purchased either as an e-Book or hardcopy.

To purchase a PDF file of this e-Book (for $7.99) directly from myself please click the PayPal button below

To Purchase a Full Color, Hard Copy of this Book (for $21.99) please click the Amazon link below:



Hi friends!  I'm stopping by today to let you in on a project I've been working on for the past 9 months (no it's not a baby haha)!  As you know, I love making freezer meals, and I've had such a great response posting my recipes on the blog that I decided to make a Freezer Meal e-Book!  The book is not done yet but I wanted to let you know that it's on its way :)

The book is called "Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes that Make Dinner Quick and Easy" and it is a guide to freezer cooking, including how to schedule your cooking sessions, grocery shopping, storage, etc.  It also includes printables for inventory tracking and labeling your meals (I, of course, need everything to be perfectly organized!).  After you're a freezer cooking expert the book includes over 50 recipes to get you started stocking up your freezer.  The recipes include all different types of meat, vegetarian recipes, breakfast, and dessert-- plus each one is made using only whole foods, no store bought sauces or soups!  The recipes also include a calorie count per serving and detailed freezing instructions so your meals will still taste delicious after thawing.  Most meals hover around 400-500 calories, so they are all pretty healthy (with the exception of one very decadent yet very delicious Three Layer Oreo Pie).  Since this is a freezer meal cookbook the whole point is to cook in bulk ahead of time, so each recipe makes anywhere from 2-4 meals at once (8-16 servings) so you can rest assured you're being cost effective and efficient with your time.

As you can imagine, writing/recipe testing/and photographing this book has been a HUGE undertaking, but I really hope you will enjoy the finished product.  It's very close to being completed except for a couple recipes for which I still need photographs (unfortunately Robb has been crazy busy lately so it's hard to get him to take pictures for me) and some finishing touches.  The book will be available via Amazon for hardcopy and on my website for the PDF e-Book version :)  Make sure you stick around to learn more and I will definitely be sharing some of my favorite recipes here as well.  I wish I could give you a more definite release date but at the moment I'm also busy working full time, being a mom, being a wife, scrapbooking, and working on my New Years resolutions (phew!), but I promise I'll let you know as soon as *I* know :)  I'll try and make it up to you--- you can learn my top 5 tips for succesful freezer meals by visiting my guest blog post up at Blissful and Domestic HERE, and in the meantime here are some sneaks of the food!

 Ginger Soup with Tempeh, Bok Choy, and Ramen (Vegetarian)

 Pork Chops with Mushroom and Ale Gravy

 On-The-Go Vegetable Breakfast Burrito

3 Layer Oreo Pie

YUM right?  You're going to love the book (I hope!).  I'll be back in a day or two for a recap on the ridiculous happenings of the last 2 weeks in the Cyr household (hint: it involves a non-CF related trip to the ER for Charlie, a deer with a death wish, and a microbial invasion of our household).  It's been just a weeeee bit hectic ;)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finishing Up Christmas Crafts

Yup, that's right, I'm still sharing Christmas projects.  I'm a bit slow when it comes to making Christmas projects (who actually has time in December anyways? I mean REALLY) but these projects were also perfect motivators to clean all the Christmas supplies and decor out of my living room finally.

Anyways, to start I have this layout of Mr Charlie.  I initially made the "merry merry merry" banner to use on a wreath (seen below) but I couldn't get it to look right so I eventually decided it would look perfect on a layout instead.

Speaking of wreaths, I made this really simple one out of Charlie's handprints.  For some reason I really struggled with this because I kept thinking it was too boring!  It is light on embellishments, which isn't how I normally do wreaths, but I've come to embrace it's simplicity

Lastly, I hate throwing out Christmas cards, in particular photo Christmas cards.  I always wind up saving them but never having a place to put them.  So I decided to make a little Christmas card album-- super simple.  I just wrapped some pieces of cardboard in patterned paper, decorated, and threw them on a binder ring as a front and back cover.  I hole punched all of my favorite Christmas cards and put those in between the covers.  I didn't measure anything, just kept it really loose since Christmas cards come in so many weird shapes and sizes. I started putting in Xmas cards from 2012 and will be able to use it for years to come (i put 2012-2015 on the back cover, I think there's plenty of space for 2 more years).

Friday, January 17, 2014

Did you know?

That Noel Mignon is now offering a 4 month trial kit subscription?!  How awesome is that?? If you've been wanting to try out Noel's amazing kits (and of course you have!) then this is the perfect time to try out a mini-sub and get your member perks (like $6 off each kit, etc etc).

I talk about Noel Mignon a lot on this blog because I love it so much- here are 5 reasons why I love Noel Mignon:

1. All the kits are unique.  Some kit clubs (cough studio calico cough) all look exactly the same to me month to month.  I love NM kits because each month the paper and accessories are perfectly coordinated and I can actually detect a color scheme or mood with each kit.

2. The kits are full of awesome stuff.  Noel is really good about stocking up her kits with brand new releases and really trendy product.  There's actually enough patterned paper and embellishments to make upwards of 12 layouts per month (plenty of times it's even more).  Why pay $40 for a small kit that makes 4 layouts when you can get triple the product for only $20 more?

3. Awesome community!  I've been a member of the NM community for 3 years, and a design team member for 6 months.  I've always loved it there, super supportive group of fellow scrappers and lots of opportunities to chat and learn from each other.  I wanted to join the DT because I loved it there so much, not because I wanted another "notch in my belt", so to speak.

4. Noel's favorite brands are my favorite brands.  I always know I'll be receiving my favorite lines from my favorite manufacturers in a Noel kit so I don't have to bother getting them myself. Her kits are routinely stuffed with goodies from Crate Paper, Oct Afternoon, MME, Carta Bella, Studio Calico, American Crafts, and Basic Grey.

5. Huge store: Noel carries a buttload of extra supplies (like extra embellishments, thickers, etc) that are always great as "extras" for her kits or your stash.  Bonus time- right now you can use the coupon code FRESH50 for 50% of all in stock merchandise (except kit subs obv and new arrivals).

Pretty awesome right? Check out some of her past kits- aren't they gorgeous??!!  Make sure you sign up HERE :)

Daffodil Hill:

Hello Sunshine

Miss Nelson:

Gather Together

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Glue Meets Paper 2014 Blog Header and Pinspiration

Hi everyone! It's that time of year again- time for a new blog header!!  I love to make a new blog header every year- it helps me get back in the groove after not crafting for a few weeks thanks to Christmas and the holiday busy-ness.  Since last years header was pretty bold I decided to do a subtle, pretty, and more girly version this year.  I used the Noel Mignon kit, Daffodil Hill which had the perfect color scheme!

Here is the inspiration for the color scheme, light and simple

And here's the inspiration for the pattern.  I liked the idea of tiny split squares so I used those but didn't incorporate the border or buttons (I didn't think there be enough room).  I might use this pin again and incorporate the rest of the design elements though, because it looks awesome!

If you were curious, here are my blog headers from previous years.  I started my blog in 2010 but didn't start making the headers until 2011, so technically I'm missing one.

2011 Blog Header:

2012 Blog Header:

2013 Blog Header:

I think 2012 is my favorite so far, how about you?

Friday, January 10, 2014

44 Pounds!

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Hi friends! Just a quick update today about our most recent visit to the CF Clinic this past Tuesday.  For those who don't know, weight gain with Cystic Fibrosis patients can be a real challenge.  Charlie's pancreas doesn't secrete digestive enzymes so he can't digest his food without taking enzymes first.  Lots of CF patients are very thin and struggle so much with gaining weight that they need feeding tubes.  It's also really important to maintain weight because higher weight leads to higher lung function.  In addition you want those extra pounds because if a CFer gets sick they lose weight very quickly, so this gives a little cushion in case of illness.  We have struggled with Charlie's weight up until the last year or so, and the main reason it has gone up has been because we were able to get insurance to pay for Pediasure 1.5, which we use as a supplement to his already high calorie meals. Another thing that has helped us is Periactin (which we use as an appetite stimulant), the combination of those 2 things helped us climb out of the "off the charts in a bad way" weight to length ratio he had for so long.

The craziest bit of news we received was that Charlie, who is only 3, now weighs 44 lbs!  Holy schnikeys! This kid keeps growing and growing, it's nuts!  He's also 42 inches tall, so this puts him off the charts for both height and weight for his age.  In terms of weight to length ratio (the one we care about) he is 93rd percentile!  It's so crazy that after 2 years of struggling with weight gain (especially as a baby) Charlie finally caught up and is exactly where he needs to be!  Thank god for Pediasure 1.5!

Ummm, only 2 chicken nuggets and all these vegetables? What the hell guys?

Now that Charlie's weight is so high and he's growing so well we got the green light to start decreasing some of his calories to make sure he doesn't get TOO big or overweight.  So we've started giving him only one Pediasure 1.5 per day instead of two and cutting down his portion sizes.  We're also trying to get him to snack on vegetables and fruits too, but he is NOT particularly happy about it.  For 3 years we've been encouraging him to eat eat eat all the fatty and salty food he wants and now all of a sudden we're pushing the vegetables and only giving him one hot dog instead of 2?  How unfair!  I'm pretty sure that this new "regular" calorie diet will be good for him but it's definitely weird after 3 years of "Charlie take another bite, finish your cheese, drink your shake" etc etc.  Although I'm kind of glad we can cut down on the calories because he was starting to get just a bit pudgy IMO, quite a great problem to have with a CF-er though :)

Other CF clinic news: Charlie is doing great overall, not just in weight.  His CF related asthma is under control, he has no baseline cough, he is culturing no bacteria in his lungs according to his throat culture from back in November (we eradicated the s. aureus AND the pseudomonas thanks to the ridiculous amounts of antibiotics he was on back then), and his sinuses look clear.  Pretty amazing after such a rough November!  We did his annual blood draw for labs and another throat culture so hopefully those will come back with more good news :)

So that's my quick update- great news all around and we're very happy!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve Munchies

Hi everyone! Happy (belated) New Years!  Did you have a fun NYE? I can't say I did too much that night but I had a fun afternoon.  First Charlie and I met up with my mom and aunt (who is visiting from Seattle) for some lunch and then they took Charlie and my mom treated me to a facial! Ahhhh, sooooo relaxinggggg :) Afterwards I hung out with my Aunt for a bit and then headed home.

Robb and I didn't do much for NYE since we had Charlie but we did remember to open up our Jar of Good Things and read them aloud :)  And I got some cute little hats for the boys to wear as well, Charlie kept his on all night and kept saying Happy New Year to Robb and I hehe.  I had to work New Years Day so I may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch at 1030 like the most pathetic 29 year old ever.

I also put together a fun little platter to munch on.  The day before I had made a huge batch of Chex Mix-- my mom usually makes this every year and she has a secret that makes it taste SO good.  Like way better than you ever knew Chex Mix could taste.  Really, really, really good.  Plus she adds in Bugles and Cheetos and that's pretty delicious too.  But no, I'm not telling you the secret haha.  So I made a batch myself, which wasn't QUITE as perfect as hers but still pretty darn good! I also laid out some cheeses, salami, and crackers since cheese is always a winner.  Lastly, I made some pancetta wrapped asparagus.  I LOVE these little appetizers, they're so yummy :) Wanna know how to make them? They're really easy

Pancetta and Boursin Wrapped Asparagus 

2lbs asparagus
1 small package garlic and herb Boursin cheese
2x 8oz packages, or 1/2lb freshly sliced, pancetta or prosciutto

First, preheat your oven to 350C then cut and blanch your asparagus for 1 minute.  You only need to do this step if you have thick stalks of asparagus, if you have thin stalks you can skip it.  Drain your asparagus and let dry.

Lay the pancetta on your cutting board individually and spread each with a couple teaspoons of boursin. If you're boursin is too still to spread you can microwave it for 10-15 seconds to soften it.

Wrap one slice of pancetta around each stalk of asparagus and lay on a baking sheet.  If you have extra asparagus leftover just throw those on the baking sheet too- roasted asparagus is good on it's own too IMHO :)

Cook for 10 minutes at 350C until the pancetta is browned and delicious and the cheese starts to ooze out, mmmmm....

Give this recipe a shot, it's super quick and *very* tasty!  Okay, time to prepare for (yet another) stupid snow storm ughhhhh.....