Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finishing Up Christmas Crafts

Yup, that's right, I'm still sharing Christmas projects.  I'm a bit slow when it comes to making Christmas projects (who actually has time in December anyways? I mean REALLY) but these projects were also perfect motivators to clean all the Christmas supplies and decor out of my living room finally.

Anyways, to start I have this layout of Mr Charlie.  I initially made the "merry merry merry" banner to use on a wreath (seen below) but I couldn't get it to look right so I eventually decided it would look perfect on a layout instead.

Speaking of wreaths, I made this really simple one out of Charlie's handprints.  For some reason I really struggled with this because I kept thinking it was too boring!  It is light on embellishments, which isn't how I normally do wreaths, but I've come to embrace it's simplicity

Lastly, I hate throwing out Christmas cards, in particular photo Christmas cards.  I always wind up saving them but never having a place to put them.  So I decided to make a little Christmas card album-- super simple.  I just wrapped some pieces of cardboard in patterned paper, decorated, and threw them on a binder ring as a front and back cover.  I hole punched all of my favorite Christmas cards and put those in between the covers.  I didn't measure anything, just kept it really loose since Christmas cards come in so many weird shapes and sizes. I started putting in Xmas cards from 2012 and will be able to use it for years to come (i put 2012-2015 on the back cover, I think there's plenty of space for 2 more years).


  1. great idea for saving the cards, I can't bare to toss them out either :) And I LOVELOVELOVE your MerryMerryMerry layout!!!


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