Saturday, February 22, 2014

Life of a CF Mom (as depicted by crappy comic strips)

Hi friends! I'm back today with some more crappy comic strips for ya :) I rarely post on the weekends and NEVER in the evening so I don't know if anyone actually reads blogs on Saturday nights but let's give it a shot!  These Crappy Comic Strips are based around my life as Charlie's momma, in particular, a momma to a 3 year old with Cystic Fibrosis.  I think most other CF parents will be able to relate but I'll put an explanation underneath each one for the rest of my readers who aren't familiar with CF (lucky ducks).  Click to enlarge

Charlie has a LOT of nebulizer treatments per day.  When he's healthy it's a minimum of 3-5 but when he's sick that jumps up to 8-11.  Each treatment takes approximately 7-25 minutes, depending on the medication.  Since each treatment requires a new nebulizer the dirty ones pile up damn fast. 

Along with nebulizer treatments Charlie also has to wear a physiotherapy vest twice per day (and yes I spelled it wrong the first time in the comic.  Told ya they were crappy....).  Since he very rarely appreciates having to stop his important business to be shaken around like a paint can for 20 minutes twice per day he has come up with a system of maneuvers to get out of doing it.  They never work ;)

Charlie's pancreas can't secrete digestive enzymes so he's unable to digest his food without the assistance of enzymes.  He takes 4 pills before every meal and he can't eat without them.  He takes 360-400 pills every month so they take up a LOT of space.  It's also a pain because we have to remember to take them with us (along with a spoon, bowl, and applesauce for mixing) whenever we leave the house.  I'm proud to say that in 3.5years we have only forgotten his enzymes twice, but man does it SUCK when that happens.  Talk about mommy guilt!

Alrighty, that's it for today! Hope everyone is having a great weekend-- I'm looking forward to my "weekend" starting on Monday ;)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kissing Booths are the Leading Cause of Cooties

Hi friends! Stopping by today to share a layout I made using the latest Noel Mignon kit, Book of Love.  I thought this "ewwww" face of Charlie in front of his kissing booth was pretty funny so I channeled by inner Dwight Schrute (get it?) to come up with a silly title :)

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Life in Crappy Comic Strips

Hi everyone! I haven't been posting much lately, have I?  I suppose it's because I kind of hate 2014 thus far and don't want this blog to turn into a big bitchfest because I have plenty to be happy about.  So instead of writing a long diatribe about all the little things that annoy me on a day to day basis I decided to draw shitty comic strips instead.

I don't know how to draw. And I swear a lot.  Enjoy! (Click to enlarge)

If these actually make sense to someone besides myself I will make more.  Now that I had to move my office (see above: The Move, grrrrrrr) I can't eat at my desk anymore so I have to entertain myself somehow while eating alone in the cafeteria.  I eat alone because I work weekends, not because I'm a jerk or anything haha.

ANYWAYS.  I'll probably swing by tomorrow to share a layout, in the meantime Charlie and I are snowed in (again!) and I'm having leftover BBQ for lunch.  It's going to be pretty great....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Projects Galore

Happy Valentine's Day friends!  I have an assortment of love themed projects to share today, including cards, a layout, and even a mini album.  I've been a busy girl ;) I even have 3 more "love" themed layouts I made too but I have to wait until they go live on the Noel Mignon blog before I share them here.  All of these projects were made with the Noel Mignon kit "Book of Love" (sold out, sorry!) and occassionally a few items from my stash.  Let's get started

You might remember these adorable pictures from last year, and now that an entire year has gone by I have decided it is time to finally scrap them (ha!). 

Virginia Tillery has made some free printables so I decided to use them to make some simple cards (she's got the COOLEST handwriting EVER.  totally not fair)

Lastly, for our "Book of Love" crop over at Noel Mignon I decided to make a little mini album for some of my challenges.  Funny story- my hubby and I have been married for 5 years yet I haven't scrapped one picture from our wedding.  Isn't that nuts? I think there were just so many photos that I got overwhelmed and never even tried.  So I decided this would be the year that I did at least one wedding themed project!  Since the whole event was intimidating to me I broke it down to just one small part (walking down the aisle) and kept my mini focused on that.  I don't love the cover (I actually kind of hate it) but c'est la vie.  Sorry my pics kind of stink, Robb is too busy with actual photography gigs to take photos of every little project of mine now a days (sniff), plus this album is such a weird shape it was hard to photograph.  The album itself is Doodlebug and I used the Book of Love kit from Noel Mignon and my stash for the rest of it.

Alrighty that's it for today, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day <3 p="">

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Five on Thursday- Hilarity Edition

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm doing a Five on Thursday instead of Friday (again).  Mostly because I have Valentine's Day projects to share tomorrow instead of this little list thing.  Also because it's a snow day and I have time to post something!  These are all pins from my Hilarity Pinterest board, feel free to join me HERE.

Um yeah. Totally sick of the snow.  It's coming down in full force right now here in CT and I. am. over. it. I'm still in my rental car (thank you mr. deer) which isn't great in the snow so I'm stuck using up my vacation days whenever it snows unless I want to slide around on backroads for 2 hours to get to work.  So far today Charlie and I have had breakfast, done a treatment, baked cookies, made Valentine's, and colored.  It's only noon.  Gonna be a long day lol.  On the bright side Charlie has been wearing his big boy undies all day and no accidents yet!

I have been LOVING Sherlock, I just discovered it a few weeks ago and quickly caught up on all 3 seasons.  In addition I have also developed a pretty big crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.  Achk, that voice....those cheekbones....

This situation happens more often than I like to admit.  Literally 8 years ago in college I wore an XL mens tank top as a dress when I was drunk at a party studying hard in the library and I'm STILL embarrassed about it (at least I was thin back then haha).

Of course people being sick is no good, but I do get a bit of satisfaction thinking "told ya so" when this shit happens haha.

I'm definitely going to need this shirt.  I LOVE Chipotle, I allow myself to get it once per week (without the beans to save calories) and I literally look forward to it all week.  I know guacamole is $2 extra. I don't care, it's worth it, pile that shit on.

Alrighty friends, I'll be back tomorrow to share some Valentine's Day projects I've been making -- lest I forget this is supposed to be a crafting blog ;)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful for Scrappers

Wow you guys.  I just found this horrible site called Get Off My Internets (and I won't even link it, you can google search it if you like) and it's probably the meanest and most ridiculous site I've seen in a LONG time.  It's an entire website devoted to criticizing and making fun of bloggers.  In particular, I follow a couple non scrappy blogs and stumbled upon this site where there are just PAGES and PAGES of people making fun of these women.  It's insane!  The women (I presume) on this site literally follow these bloggers on their facebook and instagram as well as their blogs just so they can find things to make fun of them for.  It's a simple as a weight loss blogger posting a picture of her groceries on instagram and then these other women tearing her apart for buying a small bag of chocolate chips and precut apples.  I was and AM shocked!

I mean I couldn't believe how cruel these women were being.  If you don't like someone it's as simple as not following them.  They're not directly hurting you, what do you care what their groceries are?  Am I right?  It reminds me of when I was in middle school, that's how we all acted.  It was snarky and mean, yet these adult women are acting like teenagers and specifically following bloggers just to criticize everything.  They even take pride in being "snarky assholes".  I mean WTF?

Anyways, after reading through this site I started to wonder "oh god, what if my blog is on here?!?!" and it made me legit nervous.  I put a lot out there about myself and Charlie, because I consider my followers my friends, yet this site got me nervous even though I have a little baby blog.  I went to the crafting section of the site and was quite thrilled to see NO scrapbookers mentioned at all, not even the big 'uns like Amy Tan, Dear Lizzy, etc.  And then it occurred to me why.  Scrapbookers aren't assholes.  We're a pretty awesome community that is around for the sole purpose of encouraging each other, not tearing each other down.

So thanks for that, friends!  Keep up awesomeness