Thursday, February 13, 2014

Five on Thursday- Hilarity Edition

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm doing a Five on Thursday instead of Friday (again).  Mostly because I have Valentine's Day projects to share tomorrow instead of this little list thing.  Also because it's a snow day and I have time to post something!  These are all pins from my Hilarity Pinterest board, feel free to join me HERE.

Um yeah. Totally sick of the snow.  It's coming down in full force right now here in CT and I. am. over. it. I'm still in my rental car (thank you mr. deer) which isn't great in the snow so I'm stuck using up my vacation days whenever it snows unless I want to slide around on backroads for 2 hours to get to work.  So far today Charlie and I have had breakfast, done a treatment, baked cookies, made Valentine's, and colored.  It's only noon.  Gonna be a long day lol.  On the bright side Charlie has been wearing his big boy undies all day and no accidents yet!

I have been LOVING Sherlock, I just discovered it a few weeks ago and quickly caught up on all 3 seasons.  In addition I have also developed a pretty big crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.  Achk, that voice....those cheekbones....

This situation happens more often than I like to admit.  Literally 8 years ago in college I wore an XL mens tank top as a dress when I was drunk at a party studying hard in the library and I'm STILL embarrassed about it (at least I was thin back then haha).

Of course people being sick is no good, but I do get a bit of satisfaction thinking "told ya so" when this shit happens haha.

I'm definitely going to need this shirt.  I LOVE Chipotle, I allow myself to get it once per week (without the beans to save calories) and I literally look forward to it all week.  I know guacamole is $2 extra. I don't care, it's worth it, pile that shit on.

Alrighty friends, I'll be back tomorrow to share some Valentine's Day projects I've been making -- lest I forget this is supposed to be a crafting blog ;)


  1. lol thank you for the chuckles! that image with lucy is SPOT ON. this weather is for the birds. meaning the penguins. and that shirt?! perfect for me, too! enjoy the weekend! :)

    1. hating snow and chipotle- two of my favorite things to do :) Thanks for the comment!


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