Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Life in Crappy Comic Strips

Hi everyone! I haven't been posting much lately, have I?  I suppose it's because I kind of hate 2014 thus far and don't want this blog to turn into a big bitchfest because I have plenty to be happy about.  So instead of writing a long diatribe about all the little things that annoy me on a day to day basis I decided to draw shitty comic strips instead.

I don't know how to draw. And I swear a lot.  Enjoy! (Click to enlarge)

If these actually make sense to someone besides myself I will make more.  Now that I had to move my office (see above: The Move, grrrrrrr) I can't eat at my desk anymore so I have to entertain myself somehow while eating alone in the cafeteria.  I eat alone because I work weekends, not because I'm a jerk or anything haha.

ANYWAYS.  I'll probably swing by tomorrow to share a layout, in the meantime Charlie and I are snowed in (again!) and I'm having leftover BBQ for lunch.  It's going to be pretty great....


  1. Love your comics. It is a great way to get those bad feelings out. Keep on drawing!!

    1. Thank you! I also like them because they make me look skinny hehe ;)


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