Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful for Scrappers

Wow you guys.  I just found this horrible site called Get Off My Internets (and I won't even link it, you can google search it if you like) and it's probably the meanest and most ridiculous site I've seen in a LONG time.  It's an entire website devoted to criticizing and making fun of bloggers.  In particular, I follow a couple non scrappy blogs and stumbled upon this site where there are just PAGES and PAGES of people making fun of these women.  It's insane!  The women (I presume) on this site literally follow these bloggers on their facebook and instagram as well as their blogs just so they can find things to make fun of them for.  It's a simple as a weight loss blogger posting a picture of her groceries on instagram and then these other women tearing her apart for buying a small bag of chocolate chips and precut apples.  I was and AM shocked!

I mean I couldn't believe how cruel these women were being.  If you don't like someone it's as simple as not following them.  They're not directly hurting you, what do you care what their groceries are?  Am I right?  It reminds me of when I was in middle school, that's how we all acted.  It was snarky and mean, yet these adult women are acting like teenagers and specifically following bloggers just to criticize everything.  They even take pride in being "snarky assholes".  I mean WTF?

Anyways, after reading through this site I started to wonder "oh god, what if my blog is on here?!?!" and it made me legit nervous.  I put a lot out there about myself and Charlie, because I consider my followers my friends, yet this site got me nervous even though I have a little baby blog.  I went to the crafting section of the site and was quite thrilled to see NO scrapbookers mentioned at all, not even the big 'uns like Amy Tan, Dear Lizzy, etc.  And then it occurred to me why.  Scrapbookers aren't assholes.  We're a pretty awesome community that is around for the sole purpose of encouraging each other, not tearing each other down.

So thanks for that, friends!  Keep up awesomeness


  1. Love your phrase "scrapbookers aren't assholes" ... made me LMAO! I am horrified that such a site exists (but not surprised), not going to even peek. I love all the scrapbooking (and other) blogs that I jump around, is a lovely peek into other peoples lives - the good, the bad AND the crafty! Keep going with the blogging ... it's ALL positive!

  2. You ht the nail on the head. We're real. Our hobby can't exist without encouraging and uplifting each other. Great post Cass. Hugs!

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