Friday, March 7, 2014

Adventures at the CF Clinic

Hi everyone! I’m back today as promised in my Five on Thursday post to give an update about Charlie’s CF Clinic visit.  This visit was a hot mess from beginning to end.  Seriously.

To start, I picked up Charlie from preschool at 1140 and drove us to get lunch on the way, we had to leave at 1215 to get to the clinic by 1:15 (we live about an hour away).  We stopped at BK and ate in the car so it would be faster; we finally got on the road around 1220, so I figured if I drove fast I could make it there by 1:15. 

Ever try to balance a spoon full of applesauce on your leg- while dumping 4 capsules of enzymes on top without spilling any- while your 3 year old sits in the backseat screaming because he doesn't want to eat in the car -while cursing at yourself because you forgot to bring a ramekin to mix it in?  No?

I started driving and Charlie insisted that I play Yo Gabba Gabba music the whole time, which was kind of making me crazy.  I mean there's only so many sillies I can get out in one day....anyways, 35 minutes later I see a sign for Old Saybrook and realize “holy shit, I got on the wrong highway and have been driving for 35 minutes in the wrong direction”.  Yup, that’s right, I drove for THIRTY FIVE minutes in the wrong direction and didn’t notice.  What is wrong with me, right? I blame it on the incessant Yo Gabba Gabba songs I was forced to listen to.  Anytime I tried to put on something decent, like Black Sabbath, Charlie insisted I change it. Loudly.

Anyways, now I’m totally freaking out because we’re gonna be late. Not a little late, a lot late.  If you’re more than 15 minutes late they cancel your appointment and Charlie had some issues we really needed to discuss so we couldn’t miss it.  So I decided I had to drive like a bat out of hell.  As I’m trying to call the CF Clinic to let them know we’ll be late something started poking me in the neck.  What was that?  Something poked me again.  I turn around to see that Charlie has somehow found a full length tree branch in my car and is poking me in the head with it.

Where did the tree branch come from? Why was it in my car? How did he get ahold of it?

No fucking clue.  So there I am, speeding down the highway, Yo Gabba Gabba blaring over the speakers (for over an hour now), trying to call the CF Clinic, yelling at Charlie to stop hitting me with the tree branch, and all around having a heart attack.

And that was before we even arrived.  Fun, huh?  We finally got there 20 minutes late (which is an accomplishment in itself) and they agreed to see us.  Oh Charlie also decided to poop in his pull-up on the way there (not his fault really, we were in the car for 1.5hours without stopping because I went the wrong way) and I didn’t get a chance to change it until we were in the exam room.  So he gleefully yelled to all of the nurses en route that mommy needs to change his poopy diaper.  And then the exam room stank to high heavens.  And then I put him in his big boy underwear and he peed his pants in front of the pulmonologist.  And then I put him in his spare pants and banged my head on the table until a coma came to take me away.  
 The mask in the waiting room thing lasts approximately 1 minute.  
                                    It was black and white day at preschool...matchy match!

Anyways, on to the actual appointment. Charlie had been feeling “off” for the past few weeks.  He woke up covered in puke a few weeks ago, his appetite had been down to nothing and he was barely eating, plus he had a fever last week that lasted a couple of days.  He was more lethargic than usual, not sleeping well at night, and complaining of tummy aches—just not normal Charlie behavior. 

It was Fat Tuesday so he did get a pretty rocking crown

They weighed him and he had lost 4lbs in 2 months, from the 97th to the 65th percentile for weight/length ratio.  He’s still above goal, which is great, but losing that kind of weight isn’t a good thing.  His stats are 3.5years old, 42inches, 40 3/4 lbs (above 90th percentile for height for age and weight for age).  The doctor seemed to think the problem is an ear infection, which can cause all of those symptoms.  He prescribed some Bactrim and we’re trying that for a few days and then we’ll reassess where we are.  Hopefully it works!  An ear infection didn’t even occur to us, we’re so used to jumping to the CF conclusion- LOL. 

"What's that mom?? There are germs on the floor?  Too bad you didn't tell me that before I made my fort....."

"Listen mom. If this is going to work out you might as well just buy a warehouse full of Purel now.  You're gonna need it.  Just saying"
So now we’re on another antibiotic, but there don’t seem to be any respiratory issues so that’s a good thing!  Hopefully the Bactrim will do its thing and Charlie will be back to normal ASAP!  In other news, that day is over and that makes my brain happy.  

ETA: As of this morning Charlie developed a cough.  Serves me right for gloating about not having any respiratory issues yet :)


  1. Hope your Little Charlie feels better. I love your are so funny !

  2. Thank you! He's not any better today, we'll put in a call to the CF Clinic tomorrow and see what happens :/

    Glad you like the blog! The day didn't seem very funny at the time but afterwards I thought it was pretty amusing how many things went wrong lol

  3. Oh the joys of being a Mum ..... thanks for making me smile (even though your day was sucky!) Pity there are no gold medals for multi-tasking - you'd be a champ!!!!! : )

  4. haha thanks! I would probably turn the damn medal into some sort of stupid upcycled craft DIY thing since I can't stop making projects for myself, so it's probably best they don't :P


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