Thursday, March 6, 2014

Five on Thursday

Hi everyone! My blog has been taking a bit of a vacation in the last 2 weeks, sorry about that! I have a bunch of posts coming up though so hopefully that will make up for it :) I've been incredibly busy lately so I thought I'd catch everyone up on today's Five on Thursday.

1. My freezer meal guide/cookbook, Make Ahead Meals, is done! I am so excited; I've been working on this for over a year and cannot WAIT to share it. The book itself is completed; I'm just working on finalizing the formatting and the selling platform. As of right now, the book will be available to purchase on March 17, the e-Book (pdf file) will be $7.99 and a full color cookbook from Amazon will be $19.99. During the week of March 17th I will have lots of fun giveaways and a week full of posts explaining the book in more detail, so make sure you check back! If this is the first you're hearing about my book- it is both a guide to making freezer meals and a cookbook.  If you've been thinking about getting into freezer meals or are looking for some new recipes for stocking your freezer- this is the book for you J 

2. I can also finally tell you about another big change for me- I’m leaving Microbiology!  I currently work in a Microbiology lab for a great company that makes life-saving drugs for people with rare and ultra-rare diseases.  While I love working here I did NOT love working with bacteria, seeing as how easily those same bacteria can spell trouble for my son.  Because of this, and a few other reasons, I applied for a job in the Immunochemistry department of my company.  Immunochemistry aligns much better with my previous experience in plate based assays so it seemed like a perfect fit.  In addition, this job would be 4x 10 hour days instead of 5x 8 hour days, so I would be home one extra day per week.  I interviewed a few weeks ago, got the job (!!), and finally submitted my notice yesterday.  I’m really excited to move departments—I have much more knowledge in assay development than microbiology so I really think this move is going to work out well.  I’ll still be working on the weekends and it might take me a while to officially transfer because microbiology will need coverage, but eventually I’ll be able to be in the department full time and I’m  really excited!

3. Charlie had his CF Clinic appointment this past Tuesday. H e’s been having some weird issues going on lately so I will be making a separate post about our visit tomorrow.  But in the meantime, I did learn a fun factoid.  You might remember that Charlie’s pancreas can’t secrete digestive enzymes, and we supply him with enzymes-- particularly lipase (for fats), amylase (for carbs), and protease (for proteins)-- so he’s able to breakdown his food.  It occurred to me that he could still eat dairy after taking his enzymes even though they didn’t contain lactase.  So why, I thought, isn’t he lactose intolerant?  I asked the nutritionist and she told me that different enzymes are secreted in different areas of the digestive system.  Lactase is secreted in his small intestine, therefore the fact that his pancreas doesn’t work isn’t an issue for lactase.  I thought that was interesting!

4. I’ve added a few things to my blog in the last week or so, namely in the Advertising and Support page.  If you want to advertise on my blog or learn ways you can support my blog then go check it out J

5. I fell off the wagon with Weight Watchers the last 2 weeks (oops) but finally went back to a meeting yesterday and was thrilled to see that I didn't gain any weight.  Thank goodness!  I got up early this morning (thanks to one of my coworkers that was nice enough to send me a text urging me to get out of bed at 530AM!) and did a Jillian Michaels workout.   I also ordered the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, which will arrive today! I’m so excited to start on Saturday- hopefully I’ll see some results, I’ll keep you posted. 

OK I think you are officially all caught up now!  I’ll be stopping by for some more posts in the next few days including new layouts, stories from the CF Clinic, and maybe some more crappy comics if get the time ;) Thanks for stopping by!

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