Monday, March 10, 2014

Love Themed Layouts

Yay, it's layout time! And I got two for ya :) They are both made using Noel Mignon's awesome Book of Love kit, which I believe is sold out (sorry suckaaaaaas).  They both feature non other than Sir Charles himself.  

I did a nice long title for this first layout, yet for some reason whenever I read it I see "I couldn't love this boy more if i fried" instead of "tried".  I don't know what it means if I can't love something more than I fry.  I guess it means I love Charlie more than fried food.  Which I do. Most days... ;)

We also had a scrap lift a member week at Noel Mignon and I chose to scrap lift an awesome layout from Molly Rose.  This is my interpretation-- I chose to expand the journaling to pretty much any open inch of paper left on the layout haha.  I also like the swagger he has in those photos, lol Robb gets some funny shots I tell ya!  Those pictures were taken over a year ago now, it's crazy to see how much bigger he is now.

In other news, if you were looking for a Charlie update I don't have a good one.  He has developed a REALLY bad cough-- deep and juicy and mucus-y and all around bad.  His fever has been back, he's complaining of tummy aches, he's tired, and the Bactrim has done nada in 6 days.  I'm guessing we'll have to go in to see a Dr again at some point this week and I'm anxious to see his throat culture results from our CF Clinic visit last Tuesday.  Fingers crossed it's negative but it's not looking likely.  I'll keep y'all posted!

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