Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More Details about 'Make Ahead Meals' e-Book

Hi friends! If you missed my big post yesterday I'll clue you in- I've just released an e-Book all about Freezer Meals! Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite things about my e-Book, titled 'Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes that Make Dinner Quick and Easy'. Here are my top 10 favorite aspects of the book, which I sincerely hope you will read!

1. The book is a start-to-finish guide for freezer meals.  I really wanted it to be an 'all-in-one' instruction book and cook book, so there was a lot of ground to cover (the book is 108 pages total). If you are a beginner looking for a place to start or an expert looking for new recipes- this book is for you!

2. Each recipe uses whole foods, lists the calorie content per serving, and is easy to prepare.  The majority of recipes are under 500 calories per serving and there are no processed ingredients used.  If a recipe calls for salsa, breadcrumbs, pie dough, etc I make sure to include the recipe so you can make it yourself!

3. The recipes are designed for bulk cooking- they each make anywhere from 2-5 meals (each of which serves at least 4).  I also list recipes that share common ingredients so you can make them in the same cooking session; this ensures you are using your time, and spending your money, efficiently.

4. Exact storage containers and freezing instructions are listed for each meal.  Because proper storage and thawing is so important to making sure a freezer meal tastes its' best, I made sure to include very specific instructions for freezing/thawing each individual recipe.

5. There are a majority of product recommendations; from equipment to spices to storage!

6. I love to have a visual when browsing recipes, so this book includes over 30 full color photographs.

7. I outline 3 different types of cooking sessions, so you don't feel tied into one method that doesn't work with your schedule.

8. There are a variety of printables included in the book.  These include Meal Label Templates, a Dream Freezer Inventory List, an Inventory Tracking List, Grocery Shopping List, and even a Sample Grocery List.

9. While the title of the book is "Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes that Make Dinner Quick and Easy", this book is more than just dinners! There are chapters for breakfast, dessert, and sides/condiments too.

10. A wide variety of different foods are represented. There are Asian, Mexican, Italian, American, and Indian flavors throughout the recipes in the cookbook.  You're sure to find something even the pickiest eater will love!

If you're interested in purchasing this book you can do so below.  I will be back in the next few days with sample recipes from the book and a big giveaway.  Thank you all so much for your support!

To purchase a PDF file of this e-Book (for $7.99) directly from myself please click the PayPal button below

To Purchase a Full Color, Hard Copy of this Book (for $21.99) please click the Amazon link below:


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