Sunday, March 16, 2014

Quick Charlie Update

Hi friends-- just a really quick last minute update on Mr. Charlie.  He's going to be admitted first thing tomorrow morning for a course of IV antibiotics.  We went all week on the levaquine/prednisone combo with no improvement but couldn't get admitted on Friday because they couldn't put a PICC line in.  We doubled the levaquine over the weekend just in case and still no improvement.  Charlie is coughing like crazy and gets fatigued easily.  Anyways- I'm sure the IVs will work nicely and he'll be back on top in no time :)

We'll be getting the PICC put in tomorrow morning and admitted for 3-5 days to start two different IV medications.  After the 3-5 days, if everything is going well, we can continue IV antibiotics at home.  They need to be at certain time intervals 24 hours per day so this will be a challenge while still working full time but we'll make it work!  A little nervous to learn how to administer IVs but with all my background doing sterile hood work and aseptic technique I'm sure I'll pick it up in no time.

In the meantime, I'll update when I can.  This week is my big book release (this is still going forward as planned) so I'll have posts every day about that mainly.  I promise I didn't plan the book release and Charlie's hospital admission at the same time to pull on your heart strings LOL ;)

OK that's all for today- I'm busy scrambling around right now folding laundry, packing bags, and getting ready for tomorrow! Have a great week everyone!

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