Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Layouts to Share

Well in the last month I've only made 2 scrapbook layouts-- I wish it had been more but 2 is better than none I suppose :) I'm planning on making some more this afternoon with the awesome new kit, Social Butterfly, from Noel Mignon.  It's badass.  There's still some left, you can pick it up HERE.  You know you wanna.  The kit is HUGE, it's got so much fun stuff in it- you'll love it!

********SN: This FB Group I belong to for CF Mom's started this whole vaccine debate yesterday that pissed me off royally.  In response I wrote a pretty sweet blog post entitled "Why Do I Have To Be Nice to Assholes?" about vaccinations.  I think it's a good post, however it's kind of mean so I've been wavering on whether or not I should post it.  Any opinions, dear blog readers?********

OK anyways- on to the fun stuff!  Here are my 2 layouts from the last month.  Both are made using the Noel Mignon kit Study Hall (sold out! Sorry!)

This first layout is a St Patty's Day layout, all about getting' yer green on ;)

This next layout is the first one I've made using Charlie's preschool pictures.  Aren't they darling? I loved that I could match the colors in his shirt perfectly using this kit :)

In other news, Charlie is doing well-- but really misses preschool! He's been gone almost a full month :( He has his CF Clinic follow up appointment tomorrow and we're hoping they won't put us on another week of IVs.  Two weeks is plenty for us, thank you very much.  His cough is pretty much gone so we think there's a good chance!  Fingers crossed!

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