Monday, April 14, 2014

Scrapbooking Appreciation

I don't know about you guys- but literally no one ever looks at my scrapbooks.  I spend hours of time on these layouts and pretty much the only person that ever sees them or cares about them is YOU!  And of course I like them too haha.  So why do I keep making them?

I have a vision in my head that one day when Charlie is an adult he will be bored enough to look through all of his scrapbooks and not only enjoy seeing pictures of himself as a child but also enjoy the artistry of the layouts and the personal stories/journaling I wrote.  Considering Charlie is a boy with very boy-type interests that do NOT include scrapbooking this vision will probably never happen.  And that's okay.  I still like to scrapbook and I still have you guys to share my work with and vice versa.

However a few days ago there was a moment.  A perfect moment when I said "this is why! This moment right here is why I bother with scrapbooking!".

To start, I was photographing this layout for the Noel Mignon blog last week.  Robb is really busy at the moment doing a Lymphoma and Leukemia fundraiser, weddings, engagement sessions, etc so I can't get him to take pictures for me anymore.  This is why the quality of my photos has dropped a bit :/ Anyways, I used the Social Butterfly kit from Noel Mignon for this fun Birthday layout!

Eventually Charlie stopped playing with his cars for long enough to realize that I had the audacity to do something without including him.

But then- he noticed the layout!  He recognized the photo from his 2nd birthday (almost 2 years ago now!) and started talking about birthdays, balloons, presents, and pointing out all the different elements of the layout.  He remembered his birthday party and had fun touching the embellishments on the layout; at least until I screamed "don't touch don't touch don't touch!!!!" before he ruined it.

That was it!  But it made me happy :)

And then Charlie started doing this

(SN: I moved the chair because it was blocking the light and there was crap under it, which is what you see on the floor in the photo.  What's that? Your floors are spotless, even under the furniture? Well you, my friend, can shove it)

and that made me laugh and the layout was brought upstairs.  Filed away in a book, never to be seen again-- but maybe one day Charlie will ask to see it ;)


  1. Great page! So happy and bright. I like the round embellishments placed across the top of the page.
    BTW, when I saw your floor in the pictures I thought, "oh geez, look how clean her floors are!" :)

    1. Thanks Ashley!! I'm glad you thought my dirty floors weren't that bad -- oh the things you ignore until there's a picture forcing you to realize that you're really a slob :p

  2. Ive found your blog through the post about scrapbooking kit clubs and I'm happy I did, your blog is interesting, motivating and funny. I've subscribed to it via Feedly. Oh, and I like your layouts too :)

    By the way - we sometimes do go through the older albums - on christmas or birthdays for example. And I've noticed, that our family stories are told jus as I wrote them down on the layouts! But mostly I think, I scrapbook for myself, to do something creativ :)

    1. Nice to meet you Sija- glad you found my blog and thank you for the kind words! I'm happy to hear your family looks through your scrapbooks, that's a very good idea to pull them our on birthdays and holidays!!! Maybe I'll make it a yearly tradition to force Charlie to look through the previous years scrapbook on his birthday each year, that would be fun :)


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