Saturday, April 12, 2014

What's Been Going On!

Hi everyone! I've been totally MIA lately because I've had quite a lot going on, but I do have some posts lined up so hopefully I can get back in the swing of blogging now that life has calmed down a wee bit :) 

Here's a quick summary of life lately

A big sweaty smile after being able to play at the McDonalds playground for the first time in over a month!

1. Charlie is off of his IVs!  This has been a HUGE relief-- he wound up being on them for 22 days because his cough didn't go away until the very end of week 2.  I'm glad to have our first hospitalization over with, it will seem a little less scary moving forward.  The home IVs also aren't too difficult to do but actually doing them around the clock got to be very burdensome for us, especially my husband who did most of the late night ones.  Charlie is doing well right now and thrilled to be able to go to preschool and playscapes and basically get out of the house!  He recently started coughing again but they're dry coughs, most likely from his asthma triggered by activity.  I hope :/

2. I quit a CF mom facebook group, which felt pretty damn good.  I got frustrated because someone asked about vaccinating their CF child and while many mom's said to definitely do it there were a LOT of parents saying they would never vaccinate their CF child.  I honestly was shocked that it wasn't a widely accepted school of thought.  Most CF moms are knowledgeable and understand the vital importance of medical advancements quite well (seeing as it's the only reason our children make it past Middle School) yet here were a bunch of moms whose "good intentions" could cause huge health problems for their children (ya know that expression "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"?).  They weren't in the majority but even one CF mom with this mindset is too many in my opinion.

Since this is my blog I can say what I really think, which is that these people are idiots.  Their "holistic" approach to vaccines is seriously endangering the lives of their children.  I responded to some of those posts in what I thought was a reasonable way (I didn't call them idiots at least lol) and got in trouble with the admins for offending people so I said "F THIS S" and just left the group.  This anti- vaccine ridiculousness really gets my blood boiling.  I have a post about this coming up, but quite honestly I don't care if my frustration pissed off the admins and offended people. I think allowing some no-knowledge hack to run around on a website full of parents of chronically sick children espousing the mythical dangers of vaccines is fear mongering.  I'm not quite sure why it's allowed in the first place.  I wouldn't be able to go on that same group and spout off some dangerous lies about the benefits of contracting pseudomonas-- why can someone lie about the safety of vaccines? Vaccines aren't a personal opinion, their safety is a fact. I can't even imagine what would happen if some CF patient got whooping cough or measles or mumps, it would be so dangerous.  Why why why would you not vaccinate a child with an already overburdened immune system?  UGH!  I did read this article, 'Parents You Are Being Lied To', recently however and thought it was just wonderful- please read it yourself and share share share.

3. I started my new position as an Analyst in the Immunochemistry Department at my company (a transfer from Microbiology) and I'm very happy to no longer have to work with bacteria! Yay!

4. You might know that I have a degree in biology (Bachelors in Biology, minor in chemistry to be specific) based on the fact that I've worked as an analyst/scientist/researcher etc but you might not have known that I also went to graduate school at Brown for my Masters in Biology a few years back.  Unfortunately I was laid off from my job at Pfizer when I was only 3 classes away from graduating so I never fully completed the program.  I looked into finishing it myself but that program is only offered for Pfizer employees and if I went to finish my Masters in Biology in a different school only 2 of the classes I took would transfer.  So I'd have to basically start over from scratch.  So I said "F THIS S" again and decided to forgoe the Masters in Biology for the moment.  The plan was always to get my MBA eventually so I've just skipped ahead to that part :) I'm currently taking an online class towards my Masters in Business Administration! I'm only a few weeks away from finishing my first class and I have a 98 average- wahoo!

5. My book is still up for sale and I've gotten some really great feedback!  Thanks so much to everyone that purchased it :D If you haven't heard about it you can learn more and purchase a copy by going HERE.  It's titled "Make Ahead Meals: Freezer Meal Recipes that Make Dinner Quick and Easy" and it's all about healthy and clean freezer meal recipes! You can purchase the book from Amazon or from me personally as an e-Book :) 

6. I've been busy working out/eating well and I've lost 13lbs so far.  Of course that still puts me 7lbs away from my starting weight from a year ago.  Ugh. But at least the scale is moving in the right direction and I've started to be consistent with my eating and working out schedule.  Took a while to get accustomed to waking up at 530 again!  I'll post about this in a bit more detail in the weeks to come :)

7.  I'm still loving my scrapbooking and working with the newest Noel Mignon kit, Social Butterfly (more to come on this too!).  There are still two left (how?) so make sure to get yours!  On nights when I'm not completely exhausted I've been scrapbooking and watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix-- it's definitely my go-to relaxation activity.  I love the bright colors in this kit but the sneaks of the new one looks so pretty and soft too (check out the NM FB page for sneaks)! 

We're doing a blog hop  Bunny Hop next week for Easter and an Easter Egg "Hunt"; if you play along you could win the May kit (worth $64.99)!  That's a huge prize so do join us!

8. Speaking of Easter- I managed to get Charlie a really adorable Easter outfit-- I cannot WAIT to dress him up for our annual egg hunt in Grandma's garden!  I will of course completely overshare pictures :)

Alrighty- I think you're mostly caught up now haha!  I'll be back this week for more posts!

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