Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Beautiful Easter Sunday

Hello friends! I thought I would (over)share our Easter pictures with you all :)  Seriously, be prepared for photo overload, but I just can't help myself with cute Easter photos!  You can see our past Easters from 2012 and 2013 by clicking the years.  We dyed Easter eggs the Saturday night before Easter because that's the only time I was free to do it with him haha.  He had a great time though, he's getting to the age where this stuff is really fun!

We had an amazing Easter, and we had just gorgeous weather here in CT! 70C and sunny-- perfection!  I woke up at 6 to squeeze in a Jillian Michaels workout and then set up a fun little scavenger hunt for Mr Charlie around the house.  I hid little present and clues (inside an easter egg) in each location and it ended at his Easter basket.  He really loved it! 

After that we did breakfast, treatments, and got dressed to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house!  I loved his little outfit, something about a little boy in a tie is just the cutest thing ever.  I love Easter and Halloween because they're my 2 chances to go crazy and dress Charlie up in cute things haha.  I was pleasantly surprised that he wore his tie this year too, last year the tie resulted in tantrums and wasn't worn. 

My parents have a beautiful garden that I've mentioned before.  They also set up a scavenger hunt- but they were smart about it and my dad drew pictures of where he needed to go to find the next present.  My dad is an artist, so the pictures were quite easy to follow!  He had so much fun running all around the yard.  The garden and the yard is covered in cool sculptures and landmarks so there were lots of fun places to hide things.  His cousin Izzy joined us this year too to help with the hunt :)

After that we had a delicious lunch (hello cheat meal!) and then it was time for an Easter egg hunt in the garden and playing with bubbles.  Oh and a photo shoot of course (duh), which Charlie was totally NOT feeling despite looking adorable.  C'est la vie!

I always try and snap a picture of Charlie and Robb at this spot in the garden every Easter.  He's growing so fast!

My mom got Charlie a fairy garden to make with his cousin Izzy that he loved.  They got to play with dirt, moss, pebbles, and little ceramic houses. She thinks of such fun activities for him!

We had a wonderful Easter, Charlie keeps asking if it's Easter again yet :) We even got some family portraits-- pretty crazy to actually have some photos of the 3 of us together!  PS I'm not even 30 yet, being chubby sure makes you look old, jeez!

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