Monday, May 19, 2014

Hiking and Seashells

Hi everyone, just a fun family type post today :) I thought I'd share one of our favorite day off activities lately.  Robb has been very busy editing videos and photos so usually on Mondays I try and get Charlie out of the house so he can work (Mondays are the only day off we have together, we both have wierd schedules).  We've been loving going to Bluff Point in Groton, CT for hikes.  Bluff Point is beautiful, it's right on the water plus it's across the way from a small airport.  So not only are there forests, beaches, joggers, dogs, and horseback riders- there's also airplanes constantly flying overhead.  Lots of great eye candy for the boy :)  You know people like to say there's nothing worthwhile in CT but I love it-- there's plenty to do and it's almost all nearby water.  Go CT!

We've been to Bluff Point a few times before but it was either pre-Charlie or only for a quick visit because Charlie was still a baby.  Now that he's older it's a lot more fun and better excercise, too!  There's a 3 mile loop that we accidentally walked (I thought it was only 2 miles) that almost killed Charlie and I.  After 1.5 miles Charlie kept asking to be carried and I was already exhausted from my morning Jillian workout so it just about killed me to carry my 40lb son that far LOL.  But I did it and got another killer workout in to boot haha. 
Charlie has been wanting to pose like a sculpture all the time for some reason- these are his wonderful attempts - freaking adorable!
We also love collecting seashells and driftwood too, I keep them all in a vase which is displayed in my entry way.  Charlie was so exhausted after our 3 mile hike that he actually fell asleep in the car, which is a very rare occassion.


Robb was able to join us a few weeks back, but we went for a shorter hike, maybe about 2 miles.  This made it much more manageable but Charlie still insisted on being carried because he remembered how much fun it was the last time haha.  Since Robb was there he could carry him on his shoulders which meant I just had to carry the bag.  Score!

I think today for our day off we will stay home so I can finally get some things done around the house! Maybe I'll even see if I can get some layouts posted on my scrapbooking-ahem,not hiking-blog.  Imagine that ;)


  1. Hi, I found your through your post on Blissful and Domestic. I love your blog and crafts, especially the family photos. I grew up in Norwich and remember going to this park on a field trip once or twice when we would study the sound and swamp marshes. It was so cool, I loved the basement footing in the middle of the park, and the legend of the old lady, and the 10+ point deer in the woods. Not sure if you've taken your son yet but Slater Museum at NFA is awesome for kids, the art gallery next door to it is too, you can walk through between buildings even. I went to high school there. It might make a fun day trip if you haven't already. Lovin your blog!

    1. No way! What a small world! I loved your house tour- but didn't realize you were from Norwich (that's the town I live in too!). I don't love a lot of Norwich but it's proximity to so many things is awfully nice. We haven't tried the Slater Museum yet, I'll be sure to check it out. It's 5 minutes down the road so no excuse not to take a peak :) Thanks for the kind words!

    2. I haven't lived in Norwich in over ten years and I know A LOT has changed!! I love the beauty of New England but I always felt a little underwhelmed with the place for reasons I cant entirely pin down. I know Norwich has such a rich history but it seems like the population doesnt band together anymore like it used to. I'm not sure how long you've lived there but I remember going to plays at Three Rivers and NFA and going to the Rose Arts Festival which is no more.....I remember when Mohegan Park had animals and as a child my school would go on a field trip there every spring. It's funny because back then we had the Thermos Factory and Smith and Wesson Factory and Electric Boat was much more prosperous than it is now...but those things have gone away and diminished. The casinos replaced them in a lot of ways and we have the small slot revenue that goes to the state, but the state isn't required to put that money back in to Norwich - I think we got the raw end of the deal on that one. Anyway, lack of money and funding being siphoned in is sad because the zoo at the park, the festivals, and the grandeur of the town was quintessential New England.

      Anywho, sorry it took so long to get back to you on this, but yes Slater Museum is a wonderful place to go for a day trip =)


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