Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Easter Layouts to Share (Finally)

Holy schnikeys guys! I finally got my shit together and have some layouts to share! Yippee! I've had a bunch done for ages but the pictures weren't great so I haven't shared them yet, but I finally got my hubby to take some last weekend so here we go! This is "technically" supposed to be a scrapbooking blog although it does segway a lot into family stuff, CF stuff, food stuff, weight loss stuff, pro-vaccination stuff, etc etc. I hope you still like my blog anyways though ;)

Here are some Easter layouts I made recently from last years Easter photo's.  I typically run about a year behind with my scrapbooking-- I consider being only one year behind a "win", at least I still don't still have baby photos to scrap ;).  These were all made using the Noel Mignon kit "West Coast" from a year or so ago-- Noels kits always feel fresh to me even if they're from last year.

I'll be back all this week with more layouts to share- I've got a bunch :)

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