Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Good morning dudes!  I'm swinging by real quick to do a post about our Father's Day :) I'm on vacation this week (just 3 extra days, I normally have Monday and Tuesday off so this week I'm off until Friday!) and have been busy, busy trying to get shit done.  Not always easy when there are strawberries to be picked, pool to be swum in, and waterslides to conquer hehe.  Gotta love summer!

Anyways, Father's Day was this past Sunday and it was pretty laid back for us.  Robb and I both work on Sundays so I made some cards Saturday night for my hubby, my dad, and my grandpa.  Charlie spent Sunday at his grandparents beach house having a grand old time playing with his beach buddies and hanging with grandma and grandpa :)  But CARDS, yes, I was going to show you cards.  Here they are:

The pictures aren't the greatest because I was taking them at 11pm on a Saturday night in my dark and messy scrapbooking room- but you get the idea ;)  I struggle with masculine cards but I was happy how these came out.  Simple, cohesive color scheme, and not overly girly-- everything I wanted them to be haha.

The next day I asked Robb what he wanted me to pick up for dinner and to my surprise he said he wanted my homemade meatloaf!  Not to toot my own horn, but it actually is pretty delicious.  And if you've bought my cookbook you know this for yourself ;)  Juicy, tangy, sweet, and oh so flavorful.  So after work I drove an hour home, RUSHED to the grocery store, grabbed what I needed, came home and started making my famous meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans with mushrooms.  While it was cooking Charlie did his night time treatment and I rushed him off to bed just in time to come downstairs and serve Robb his Father's Day dinner.  He was happy, I was exhausted, but we both had full bellies :)  Robb's a great Dad so he deserved whatever he damn well wanted for dinner!

I hope you all have been having a great summer - Charlie and I have been living it up!  More on that to come ;) 

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