Thursday, July 24, 2014

4th of July 2014

I think it's safe to say that the 4th of July is definitely one of my favorite holidays! For as long as I can remember I've gone to the beach, participated in the annual bike "parade" and decorating contest, played in the sun all day, and returned to the beach at night to watch the fireworks.  It's always so fun and we've done it every year with Charlie, too.
Until this year! Charlie and I were planning on spending the night at my parents beach house in Old Saybrook July 3rd for a fun change of scenery and to help get his treatments done before the bike parade and then WHAM! Thunderstorms forecasted ALL DAY on 4th of July.  Wicked bummer.  Luckily the 4th was on a Friday this year so we just postponed the party until Saturday.
In the meantime I at least needed a cookout if we couldn't go forth with our other plans so I begged and whined and eventually got Robbie to grill during a thunderstorm.  A charcoal grill.  But he managed to do it!

Grilled chicken, kielbasa, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, bacon potato salad and caprese pasta salad.  Think we had enough food for 2 people and a 3 year old that won't eat? LOL.  It was totally overkill but delicious and we brought leftover salads to the party the next day.

Robb and Charlie getting ready to do s'mores, in the rain, under an umbrella. No excuse to not have s'mores on the 4th of July :)

The only marshmallows they had at the store were giant ones so we had the biggest smores EVER.  DEEEEEELICIOUS!

The next day was the 4th of July so we headed off to the beach house for a party! Here's a rare picture of my hubby and I together!  He lost his glasses in the ocean earlier that day, poor guy!
We spent the day at the beach with family and friends having fun and enjoying some of my dad's amazingly amazing home-smoked pork ribs.  I hate ribs usually but his are SO GOOD- no barbeque sauce needed :)
After all the fun we headed down to the beach at sunset to watch the fireworks.  Charlie's Aunt Peggy (top middle picture- not to be confused with my mom, who I also call Peggy haha) got him glow necklaces and bracelets, he looked so cute!  And no that's not my corvette, but I sure wish it was- Charlie and Robb do too, come to think of it ;)

It's kind of hard to explain just how close the fireworks are to where you sit on the beach.  Probably dangerously close, most people that haven't grown up with it leave pretty shortly after they start because they get nervous.  I mean people are lighting fireworks about 20 feet away from where we sit (if that).  These are fireworks put on by the neighboorhood but they are legit (people with beach property in CT tend to have a lot of spare money to spend on awesome fireworks, evidently haha).  They're the best fireworks EVER and I've never seen a professional show that looked any better than the ones at this beach.  But it's slightly terrifying how close they are. We were all covered in ash and bits of cardboard by the end of the show, if that gives you an idea.  There's quite possibly no better setting for fireworks than a beach at sunset. 

No zoom here, just pointing the camera straight up.  So beautiful!

So that was our awesome July 3rd, 4th!  I even took off my first full weekend in almost a year so I had that Sunday off too, then Monday and Tuesday was my normal weekend and I didn't go back to work until Wednesday!  It was a great vacation- I just love Old Saybrook! 

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