Monday, July 21, 2014

Sometimes the design process stinks

I have one hell of a time with my design process sometimes.  I'll get so torn between what I'm doing and what I envision that I tend to stalemate.  A  LOT.  This layout was one that came together through a lot of trial and error, but finally I got through all the errors and was able to make a nice layout (IMHO).  Thanks to MME for the supplies; here's my slow and annoying process for your enjoyment :)

"OK I like how this is shaping up. but I hate the diagonal stripes on the end. The stripes MUST be in the middle. obviously."

"OK this looks better. I like the stripes in the middle, but now I'm starting to think the right hand side is way too empty.  Let's start piling shit on"

"OK. I piled way too much shit on"

"OK, after removing the gold circles it still looks too busy"

"OK, after removing the gold flourishes it still looks too busy.  And that black flower chipboard piece is too black for what is supposed to be a soft layout. I hate this layout. I'm going to bed."

 "Eureka! Remove the extra shit, schooch everything up so there's still negative space but NOT too much and anchor the journaling card with a doily.  Fuck yeah brother"

Boo-yah!  Took a couple a days but eventually my mind and my hands caught up with each other ;)  Does anyone else obsess like a crazy person about their layouts?? No, just me?


  1. Your layout turned out great! I don't obsess with my layouts but with cards I am making. I have to walk away and come back later or the next day. So I feel ya when it come to the creative process. Placement is my hardest hurdle to over come.

    1. Thank you! Glad I'm not the only obsessive one out there :) Your process works well though- your cards are beautiful!


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