Thursday, October 30, 2014

What We've Been Up To

Yikes, it's been a while!  Sheesh, I gotta get it together huh? You see at first I wasn't writing any posts because nothing was going on and I didn't have anything to say.  And then all of a sudden a LOT was going on and I didn't have TIME to write.  I think now I'm in the sweet spot, though, so I'll try and post more often :)  Although to be fair Robb had a bunch of the pictures that I wanted to post on his fancy pants camera and I had to wait until my birthday until I could successfully convince him to please please pretty please edit and send me those pictures.

Here's a quick debriefing on what we've been up to!  I'll expand on some of these in separate posts later on even though they'll be a few months late.

Charlie went to Nature camp and Swim camp way back when it was still summer

Charlie was attacked by sandbugs or some other equally nasty critter at the beach- ouch!

Charlie turned 4 and attended his first special birthday party with all of his friends and then had a fun birthday celebration with mommy and daddy a few days later on his actual birthday :)

We went to the Big E and had a blast!

Charlie started Pre-K!  Wow he's getting so big!

Charlie started school and was sick within a week (of course lol).  He literally JUST got off sick plan a few days ago.  Yes, he was sick for like 2 months.  Ugh. He felt fine but was coughing and coughing a lot.

We decided on a Halloween costume for this year, I'll give ya one guess ;)

Our old nanny moved which was a huge bummer! Esther was the best!  Then we hired a new nanny and she quit after a few weeks and then we took a lot of time of work and now we finally found someone who's starting today.  It's been a fiasco...

Charlie's got a thing for mohawks lately which his mom is NOT good at doing haha.  He reminds me of Alfalfa but in a cute way hehe

I've been trying to exercise more and clean up my diet (as always ugh)

Charlie did his first ever PFTs at the CF Clinic and totally nailed it!

I cut off all my hair (or it felt like it at least!) and turned 30 a couple weeks ago.  I also passed my 3rd MBA class with a 99%!  Boo-ya!

OK guys, good talk.  I'll be back later with more stuff to say if anyone's still out there :) Missed you guys!


  1. Charlie's the cutest pirate evah - good going with those PFTs!

    1. Thank you! Wait until you see his Halloween pictures- he totally nailed it :D

  2. Still here. Sounds like a busy life, but mostly on the good side. Yay!

    1. Wahoo, glad you're still here :) Definitely busy but definitely on the good side too! Thanks for the comment!

  3. So glad you're back blogging - missed your posts!! Your new haircut looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

    1. Thanks Neroli!!! Glad to see you're still here :)

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