Wednesday, November 5, 2014

6 Years and 8 Inches

Man that title sounds soooooo dirty doesn't it?  Whenever someone writes "8 inches" without explaining it my mind goes straight to the gutter.  To be fair, it was probably there anyways. 

Well this post isn't about that kinda thing, kay? I're disappointed.  Me too.  I should start a dirty blog or something.


Here's a sexy picture of the Cyr Family to bring us back down to reality....

Robb and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary back in September! Wahoo!  Hard to believe it's already been 6 years :) We celebrated by going to our favorite BBQ place, Chesters in Groton CT.  SO YUMMY! We pigged out and it was awesome.  Charlie stubbornly wouldn't eat anything besides chips and his Pediasure shake (per usual) which just meant more for us fatties.

After our anniversary lunch (which wound up being enough food at one meal to last us until breakfast the next morning) we went home and I decided to get my hair cut. I've been "growing it out" (read: too lazy to get it cut) for 2 years so it was really quite long.  I had dyed my hair blond 2 years ago and then back to brunette shortly afterwards so the bottom half of my hair was wicked damaged and looked blond again.  It was wierd two toned hair that was always frizzy and never looked good, so off it went!

I went with a shoulder length angled bob and I love it!  It's SO much easier and I actually wear my hair down now...I wore it in a top knot (read: messy, ugly, shitty bun) back when it was long virtually everyday.  Now I have cute hair clips and headbands and I like to make my hair look nice :)

Of course since I had a new haircut I went out and bought a thousand fall sweaters because I obviously needed new clothes too.  Luckily Target is cheap :p  Anyways, I like my new look! Since I work weekends I'm only around 2 days during the week when my colleagues are there, so I'm trying to actually look nice for those days (and sometimes even when I'm out and about during the week too!).  I put on makeup, do my hair, have a coordinated outfit, wear jewelry- the whole shebang!  Since I work in a lab I used to show up looking like I just rolled out of bed, which usually I had, because I'd be covered in a lab coat and safety glasses all day anyways.  The "new look" was pretty funny at first because everyone was shocked -- they'd never seen me dress nicely or wear makeup lol! I guess that means it's an improvement :) Of course now I have a bit of a shopping obsession but that's neither here nor there so we'll just skip that part....

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