Monday, November 17, 2014

Charlie Starts PreK

Hi friends! I think today will be my last "belated" post finally!  I know it's probably no fun to read about the first day of school in the middle of November (and this is suppppposed to be a scrapbooking blog anyways) but I print out my blogs into books and want to make sure I have it recorded.  Sooooo sorry about that but this is the last one, I promise.  I mean, I think it is.  Don't hold me to that.
Charlie started Pre-K this year which is crazy and fun and totally weird that he's so old.  He's going to the same preschool he went to last year but some of his classmates and one of his teachers have changed, the main teacher is still the same lady though.  Now he goes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-1130 but starting in January we're hoping to do the extended day option which will keep him until 130.  That's supposed to get him more used to the Kindergarden schedule and give him time to do extra Kindergarden type work.  I'm not entirely sure that Charlie will be ready for Kindergarden next year but we're keeping an eye on how he's doing this year and will assess at the end of the year.
I know "red shirting" is a big thing nowadays which I think is silly.  Let the parents and the teachers decide what is best for their kids, it's not anyone else's business, really.  I don't even think that Charlie would be considered "red shirted" if we repeated pre K because despite how old he looks he is one of the youngest kids in the class (end of August birthday).  Plus he's a boy full of energy and just doesn't have an easy time staying still and focusing quite yet.  He improved a LOT over the summer and this year is going much better than last year, hardly any time-out's anymore, however he still has some issues.  He gets so excited playing with his friends that he'll start being loud or distracting the other kids.  He also has some trouble with snack time because he doesn't eat snacks and gets bored sitting at the table not doing anything.  SO maybe he'll be ready and maybe he won't be- doesn't matter to me either way :)
Charlie's special new backpack which he brings to school everyday virtually empty lol
Anyways, Charlie is LOVING pre-K even more than he loved preschool! He has a bestest bestest friend that he loves to play with- it's so cute, the two of them always scream each other's names across the parking lot when they see each other.  He likes to learn, make art, and sing songs.  It's so good for him and he is really growing up before our eyes.  This year he can actually tell us what he did during preschool and tells us stories about the other kids.  He also loves the Sharing Bag and doing show and tell with his favorite toys.  Plus his mom enjoys the 2.5 hours free every Monday and Wednesday so she can do her homework, excercise, and/or do laundry ;)
The only tough part about Pre-K is that Charlie has been "sick" pretty much the whole time.  First he had a cough that wouldn't go away for about 2 months (it was really nasty and junky for about 3-4 weeks of that time).  Then he got actually sick with a fever last week (that he oh so kindly gave to Robb and I, too.  UGH it was a rough week).  Oh well, it's a fair trade off in my opinion because he loves it so much and we can really tell a difference in maturity level when he goes to preschool.  He loves it and so do we!

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