Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lyman's Orchard and Fall Fun

You guys.  Fall is my FAVORITE.  I LOVE IT.  I love taking the scenic route to look at the leaves changing, I love picking out pumpkins, baking things with apples, and the cool breezes.  Fall is just the best season there is!  I know, I know, it's probably a big shock that a 30 year old white girl from Connecticut loves fall so I'll let it sink in a bit. 

 I also love chai lattes from Starbucks.  And pumpkin spice candles. And boots.  And cozy sweaters. And The Notebook.

So now that we've established that I'm the most basic-est of all the bitches I wanted to share some of the fun fall activities that we've been up to. 

If you read my blog religously, and you have an encyclopedic memory of dates and locations of which I speak, than you of course remember that we love to go to Lyman's Orchards in Middletown, CT (Here we are in 2012 and here was 2013).  Last year Charlie and I went by ourselves but this year all 3 of us went together!  Now there are a lot of fun pumpkin and fall places closer to our house than Lyman's but I didn't bother with those because they don't make delicious cider doughnuts like they make at Lyman's.  So we drove an extra 45 minutes to get the cider doughnuts because I like to force my family to participate in my basic-ness.

We had an impromptu little family photo shoot outside of the store on a bale of hay :) And by impromptu I mean we brought our DSLR and dressed up in cute fall clothes and knew we would be taking pictures.  So not really impromptu at all, really.  Charlie wanted to grab all the little pumpkins he could find!  He said they were "sooo cute!"

After playing on the hay bales we drove out to the actual pumpkin patch down the road.  The orchards and pumpkin patches are up on a big hill and the view was so pretty!

Then we went to some apple trees (I think that's what they were?) and took some more pictures.  Robb said I looked pretty that day (isn't he sweet?) so he wanted to take about a gazillion pictures of me alone.  He also used that as an excuse to grab my butt all day but that's neither here nor there.  He's real good at posing my face in such a way that you can't notice my huge double chin :))).  

Of course then Charlie makes me belly laugh and I ruin the carefully orchestrated illusion :P

Then it was time to go home! We sure had a fun time but hauling around those pumpkins all over the place was tiring (um why did they not provide wagons??? Lyman's Orchards: get your shit together next year).  We took the long way home and looked at the changing leaves while Charlie asked us important questions like "What are cars made of?" "What are airplanes made of?" "What are houses made of?" and other deeply philosophical musings.

Till next year, Lyman's!


  1. You're a funny average white bitch living in CT :o) Kidding aside, here's hoping you and your beautiful family enjoy what's left of the fall!

    1. haha! Thank you- If I'm going to be basic I'm happy to know that at least I'm funny too :)


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