Friday, November 7, 2014

Stitch Fix for Plus Size: Part 3

Hi friends! I decided for my birthday this year I would get myself a Stitch Fix (see my first and second Stitch Fixes).  I currently wear a size 2X (sometimes 1X) so I knew that the likelihood of anything fitting me was quite small because they only go up to size XL.  However I was super surprised and pleased that this wasn't quite the case :)  This by far has been my favorite Stitch Fix- I just loved everything my stylist picked out.  You can tell that she really went out of her way to find my style and get me pieces I would love.  I asked for preppy "Mary Margaret from Once Upon a Time" type pieces- specifying no pants.

I wound up buying the whole box (yikes!) which was a first for me, but thankfully some of you kind readers have gotten Stitch Fixes through my referral link (which is HERE) and I had some credits that eased the blow quite a bit.  Thanks for the help you guys!
 Before we get into the box I need to explain my shitty hair.  You see I curled it and it looked awesome, which is a first for me because usually when I attempt curls it just winds up a rats nest.  Anyways, after perfecting my hair Charlie and I went to this cold rainy outdoors activity which was quite fun but totally ruined my curls in the process.  So I'm showing this picture as proof that my hair DID look decent in the beginning and I don't normally have frizzy dreadlocks when I try on my Stitch Fixes.  K? Kay.

First up was this bright pink top with cool ribbing down the middle.  Bright pink isn't usually my style but this was super soft and fun! I liked that I could wear it to work and also because it actually fit!  The cuffs at the end of the sleeves were a nice touch too :)

This chambray shirt is AWESOME and exactly what I was looking for.  However it was way too small.  Like way, way too small.  I kept it anyways as a "motivation" shirt and it's been working pretty well to get me to work out.  I mean, I really want to fit into that damn shirt.  It's incredibly soft!  Sorry for the side pic but my boobies were poking out on the front and considering how much search traffic I get for "cute chubby white girls" thanks to these posts (sorry to disappoint BTW...I'm guessing 30 year old fat moms weren't what you were looking for?) I thought I'd keep it G-rated.

I'm wearing this sweater as I'm writing this post- I love it so much! Great quality knit, very preppy and pretty much exactly the type of item I was hoping for.  Nailed it! Oh yeah, and it actually fit which was a pleasant surprise, too!

I asked for a dainty gold necklace and while this wasn't especially dainty I did love it and think it's perfect!  BTW if you came here via a google search looking for chubby girl pictures please enjoy the bags under my eyes.  Sexy on a stick, baby.

The last item was this polka dot skirt which is super cute as well (sweater is from Target).  It's a bit too small but another goal-loss inspiration piece that will be a great spring skirt.

So there you have it! What a great fix!  If you'd like to sign up for your very own Stitch Fix please click here to use my referral link.  Ask any size questions, etc you might have in the comments and I will do my best to answer :)

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