Friday, November 14, 2014

The Big E!

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing another post from the past (this September) that I'm trying to catch up on :)

It's been brought to my attention from one of my colleagues that lives in Rhode Island (the state in which I work) that most people do not know what the Big E is!  This is totally weird, as the Big E is a pretty big deal here in CT.  It's a giant New England fair/carnival thing that lasts for weeks, it's held in Massachusetts and is really fun!  They have rides, food, parades, a circus, musical acts, livestock and more!  The last time I went was when I was probably 10 years old and I was completely obsessed with all of the "As Seen on TV" informercial booths, begging my mom to buy everything in sight.  I'm pretty sure I convinced my mom to buy a Wonder Mop and a Super Slicer (which she still uses to this day!) haha. 

I haven't been in a really long time because it's always super crowded.  However my work schedule recently shifted from 5x8 hour days to 4x10 hour days, leaving me with Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays off.  I LOVE my new schedule, even though it's really tiring.  I have M-W to bring Charlie to Dr's appointments, preschool, etc and Thurs-Sunday to work so I get a nice balance between "Stay at Home Mom" and "Working Mom".  It also means that I don't get a weekend, but whatever, you never really do when you have a kid anyways.  My point, though, is that I was able to bring Charlie to the Big E early on a Tuesday when it was almost empty.  It was great, no long lines and we were able to take advantage of lots of fun things without the wait.  Tickets were cheaper than I originally thought, too.  With parking and admission it only cost $25 for both of us (Charlie was free).  I also brought $60 in spending money that I got from selling Charlie's old co-sleeper which was just *barely* enough-- we were trying to be frugal as fairs can be money pits!

Charlie was SO excited to go to the Big E and he really wanted to see the oxen pulls.  I haven't seen an ox pull in ages, so it was fun! Those oxen are BIG, yikes! Charlie kept wanting them to put more and more blocks on the sled haha

After the oxen pull the free circus started and we spent an hour watching trained dogs, jugglers, a funny clown, and acrobats! Very cool!

Then I made Charlie sit down and eat lunch like a horrible, mean, awful, no-good, unfair mommy.

Next up was rides! We went on the ferris wheel together (which was super expensive for a 1 minute ride, hmph) and Charlie loved it! It made me, however, very nervous because I'm not great with heights.

Charlie went on a few other little rides that he enjoyed too.

Afterwards I told Charlie it was mommy's turn to pick an activity (again, i'm a no-good, mean, horrible, unfair mommy). I wanted to go to the Avenue of the States, which sounds quite boring but is really cool.  They have smaller versions of all the capital buildings from New England on the road and inside each are goods and edibles unique to that state.  I got a tomato and mozzarella salad in the CT booth which made me feel better about eating the gyro and funnel cake I ended up wolfing down later :)

Outside the Avenue of the states there was a fun parade! It was Rhode Island day (each state gets a day to put on shows, etc) so I debated getting a hot weiner but held off because Charlie was getting antsy.  Since I work in RI I now know that they have all sorts of weird food that we don't have in CT-- things like hot weiners, stuffies, and coffee milk.  My coworkers had to teach me what these meant, as I had no idea (if you're curious they're kind of like chili dogs, stuffed clams, and coffee syrup, respectively).

Lastly, Charlie went on a pony ride and played with some remote race cars in a carnival game (the only one I let him play, thank you very much). 

It was exhausting but so much fun! We'll definitely go back next year too.  New England's the best :)

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