Monday, November 10, 2014

Well Shiver Me Timbers!

Wahoooo Halloween is so much damn fun!  We had a great Halloween this year, and we also had a great time celebrating Robb's 35th Birthday too, as his birthday is on Halloween.  October is a busy month for us because we both have birthdays.  We spent a lot of time debating what Halloween costume Charlie would took quite a while to finally land on a pirate.  Robb was pushing these "boy" costumes that covered up his cute little face, like a storm trooper or ninja or batman.  Those are wicked cool and all but I'm just not ready to let go of the idea of cute halloween costumes.  You might remember Charlie has been a teddy bear, a porcupine, Max from Where the Wild Things Are, and most recently, an Astronaut.  I just really didn't want his face covered in his costume, so I tried to gently nudge him towards non-masked costumes which drove Robb bananas.  Eventually he was torn between a ninja, a pirate, and Dash from the Incredibles-- luckily he chose the pirate all by himself! Although to be fair I did inform him how pirates were the coolest of the costumes ever in the history of the world and only the most awesome kids dress up as pirates.  But in a very non-biased way, of course.

 Charlie had a Halloween parade with his preschool, just like last year, except this year I was smart and took the day off of work so I could attend!  It was adorable and I loved all the costumes :) Charlie kind of looked like Sam Adams or Pawtucket Pat from a distance lol.

Afterwards we all piled into the preschool to listen to the kids sing songs (Charlie didn't sing so much as squirmed and played with his pirate hat....I'm trying my best to not go crazy that he was the only kid too distracted to sing along....). He has a silly face in the picture because there was a part in the song where you were supposed to make a scary face but then Charlie kept doing it.  He's *that* kid lol.

Once we got home we did a little impromptu photo shoot in our woods- Robb got some great pictures of his costume.  Such a handsome, I mean terrifying, pirate!

We spent the afternoon hanging around the house and Charlie and I gave Robb his presents.  For dinner we made reservations at our (technically *my*) favorite restaurant- The Bee and Thistle Inn.  We planned to trick or treat in downtown Old Lyme like we did last year, and this restaurant is right down the road.  It's super fancy, and not really a kid restaurant, so we prepped Charlie for days ahead of time.  "What do we do at the fancy restaurant Charlie?" "Be Quiet!".  He did really well there and Robb and I enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner! I had a fig, prosciutoo and burratta appetizer and we both had deconstructed Beef Wellingtons for entrees.  SO GOOD.

Lastly, we headed out in the rain to trick or treat along the main street.  I took some pictures but they're so dark it's not even worth sharing, but it's a really cool old town, very New Englandy- if that's a thing- and quaint.  Charlie had a blast and we enjoyed it as well.  We're still working on getting him to remember to say thank you loud enough that people can hear it though :)

Afterwards we drove home and crashed!  A really busy day but equally fun! Robb's birthday falling on Halloween makes Halloween extra fun each year :)

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